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After ’90s success, Akins hits Macon with new album

Rhett Akins' new album, "People Like Me," is a country music cliche. But then, maybe it's supposed to be.

Still, with song titles, not to mention lyrics, ripped right out of country-boy central casting, some of the album's music, which the Valdosta-born Akins will no doubt play plenty of at his Macon concert Thursday night, sounds a bit tired.

Of course, after listening to the words Akins sings in the album's first track, he could probably care less what some newspaper has to say about the freshness of his tunes. After all, his fans seem to adore them.

The title of that first track by the way? "Kiss My Country A--."

The song, a heavy-on-the-attitude riff on the stereotypical trappings of redneckdom, stirred up controversy in 2005 and received limited radio airplay.

Some of the album's other countrified titles are, if nothing else, chuckle-worthy. Among the beauties: "I Love Women My Momma Can't Stand," "Old Bird Dog" and "Something's Gonna Kill Me."

Akins, 37, scored a pair of hits in the mid-90s. "Don't Get Me Started" was No. 1 on the country charts in 1996 and "That Ain't My Truck" hit No. 3 in 1995. His "I Brake for Brunettes" also cracked the top 40 that year.

According to Akins' Web-site bio, the songs on "People Like Me" "reflect the life he leads on stage and off as a loving father, avid outdoorsman and a quintessential everyman who has much in common with the audiences he's been singing to for more than a decade."

It's "everyman" all right.

In "Old Bird Dog," Akins sings about a simple guy loving the simple things and getting by: "Sometimes I feel like a truck that just won't run/on the side of the road in the July sun."

In "Something's Gonna Kill Me," one of the smarter songs on the record, he challenges the watch-what-you-eat-drink-and-smoke ways of modern living: "Granddad lived till he was 95/took a nip and a pinch every day of his life."

And in what is perhaps the album's catchiest tune, "I Love Women My Momma Can't Stand," Akins sings, "But my bad reputation's made me a branded man. ... Red lipstick on a Daytona tan/I love women my momma can't stand."

Thursday What: Rhett Akins in concert Where: Capitol Theatre When: 8 p.m. Cost: $10 and up Phone: 478-301-5470