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FLOCO: The world can change so much in six years

“Summertime when I first got to Macon, was supposed to be in the A but that’s a different situation.”

I know this time of year around these parts all too well.

You know the story, tomorrow makes six summers that I have been here in Macon.

Just a wide-eyed, 21-year-old kid from New Jersey shell-shocked as I walked around a city half the size of what I was used to. I felt alone but I was focused. The plan was simple: take over the music scene here, end up in Atlanta and blow up from there.

I had nothing to lose, and the worst case scenario to me was I might fail, which I told myself wasn’t an option anyway.

Cherry Street seemed a lot bigger six summers ago. It’s weird because there was NOTHING going on but the feeling was new. I compare the size difference to how it feels when you revisit a school you attended as a child and feel like the doors are smaller than they seemed when you were 6.

I had seen bigger buildings before, but I remember looking at the Fickling building and thinking, “I need to know what goes on in there.”

I still don’t know what goes on in there, but I did get to use one of their private jets for my “Cherry Street” video and the lobby of the Fickling for “Catch Me.”

I remember hanging out at the Redeye Tavern and Oasis with my uncle. I remember him saying a lot, “You need to know him” or “So-and-so over there does this or that,” and I would listen, but look a few folks up and down and write them off.

Don’t get me wrong, most of those folks I was right about, but there were a few that I was wrong about. From being the first hip-hop act to touch the Hummingbird stage to being less than 20 seats from packing out the Grand Opera House, they knew I had something they were willing to take a chance on. Thank you to those people, you know who you are.

I remember meeting a Mercer graduate and not wanting her to leave that summer. She was going to San Diego or something to make some money then get ready for an internship in New York.

I had never really felt like that about anybody before , and between immaturity and long distance I’m sure neither of us was ready for that sort of thing (or maybe just me).

When we were done, I remember being thankful for the experience then locking myself in the studio for days at a time. Congratulations to all of our graduates this year. Enjoy the first summer of the rest of your life.

I say all that to say that you can make memories anywhere, but I’m thankful to have the ones that I have here.

Cherry Street doesn’t seem so big six summers later. It’s weird because there’s a lot more going on this time around. Feeling slightly alone but more focused than ever. The plan is a little more complex now. Take over the world and ignore any concept of “blowing up.” There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.