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Sample some 'Swamp Gravy' at Macon Little Theatre

The south Georgia-born production by the Colquitt/Miller Arts Council comes to Macon tonight for a presentation of "Swamp Gravy: Visiting Hours," one of the decade-and-a-half-old playhouse's latest productions.

"It's about a stranger who comes into town and he stays in the visiting room in this lady's house, and every times he comes he leaves cuttings, and these cuttings grow into this garden," says Adrienne Betts, a publicist for the play. "It's not just her garden, it's the community's garden. ... It's a story about bringing the community together through the garden and the stranger."

The 40-member cast consists of volunteer actors from the Colquitt area, where over the years productions put on by the "Swamp Gravy" players have brought locals together.

"It's really bonded the community," Betts says. "We have all kinds of people from the chief of police to schoolteachers to little kids in the play."

According to a publicity blurb for "Visiting Hours," "audiences will enjoy a blend of mystery, music, and mischief with tales of visitors — family and strangers alike — who sometimes bring more than we expected. These characters may test Colquitt's never-ending hospitality, but they make for some unforgettable 'visiting hours.’ ”

Tonight What: "Swamp Gravy: Visiting Hours" Where: Macon Little Theatre, 4220 Forsyth Road When: Today, 7:30 p.m. Cost: $15 Info: 757-5174