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Show Irma evacuees a little tenderness if you cross paths

In a 24-hour-news-cycle-driven society that is accelerated by the often inflammatory nature of social media, it’s been interesting (and terrifying) to witness how much space a hurricane can hold in an atmosphere so inundated with confusion, shock and awe, and tragedy.

(Steps down from soapbox and stops shaking his skinny fist at the neighborhood kids for driving too fast.)

Don’t worry, this article isn’t all gloom and doom. I promise.

As I’m typing this, the news outlets and the ever-present voices of social media are calling Hurricane Irma one of the biggest and baddest hurricanes on record. The hotel rooms across Middle Georgia are booked. As crazy as it may sound, I believe there’s a silver lining in here. Our unexpected guests will be tired and scared. We, as a community, can help by simply being kind when we run into them. I have also seen plenty of good folks offering up floor space and extra bedrooms to friends, family and strangers alike. I also believe we can and should show them a good time.

As luck would have it, one of my favorite (and free and family-friendly) events is this weekend.

The Second Sunday concert series, run by the hardworking volunteers over at Bragg Jam, runs from April through October. There are two more installments of the concert series on Coleman Hill this year, and the next one is this Sunday from 6-8 p.m.

If you’ve been, you know the drill. Bring some coolers, some chairs and get ready to mingle with your community for a few hours while basking in the glory of live music and the backdrop of downtown Macon.

If I’m being totally honest, the September and October dates are usually my “do not miss” Second Sundays because the weather is usually quite pleasant. Here’s hoping that Irma doesn’t mess that up, though there’s a strong possibility there may be plenty of Floridians in town this weekend. Even if the weather turns sour, there’s always a back-up plan indoors, which is announced via social media channels. Added bonus: Charley Crockett is playing a free show at the Cox Capitol Theatre Sunday night.

Whether you’re hosting a group of temporarily transplanted Floridians or just looking for something fun to do Sunday evening, go ahead and mark your calendars. I feel like we all deserve to have a good time this week.

Chris Nylund is a founding member of Field Note Stenographers, a collective of local musicians who write about shows in Middle Georgia. He likes books without pictures, good music and playing a variety of instruments with varying degrees of success. Contact him at fieldnotestenographers@gmail.com.

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