Last Bite: Macon Baking Co.

So, how did Memphis High School sweethearts Don and Julie Whitehead end up owning a bakery in Macon? Well, the answer is, obviously, beer!

Not just any beer, German beer. They moved to Germany for work and discovered that their dislike for mass produced American brews was not a dislike for beer in general, it was a disdain for bad beer. Upon returning to the states Don decided the only way to recapture the flavor of the beers they had grown to love was by brewing their own.

After learning how to brew, Don realized the process for proofing dough was remarkably similarand a baker was born. While Julie attended culinary school, Don perfected his craft. He grew in confidence to the point that he volunteered to make the wedding cake for his son’s wedding. Talk about stress.

Of course, this meant that they learned cake decorating as well and a dream began. Don would wax poetic about how they should open a bakery. One day Julie noticed an open store front on Forsyth Road, a former cupcake shop. She came home with the news and in November of 2014 the dream became a reality.

The Whiteheads are not only making some of the best sweets and breads in town, they are also supplying many area restaurants with their creations. Grow, Dovetail and Lemongrass are among their wholesale clients. The day I was in Don was trying to perfect a Texas toast for Dovetail’s spring menu.

The Whiteheads love Macon and love baking (hence the name!), and I’m sure you are going to love anything they create for you.