Education Together

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Paul Jones, president of Fort Valley State University
Paul Jones, president of Fort Valley State University

Paul Jones, President, Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley State University

A unit of the University System of Georgia, FVSU is an 1890 land-grant institution committed to excellence, innovation and discovery through research and community engagement locally, nationally and globally. The historically black college leads the nation in graduating African America students in mathematics and statistics, is 6th nationally for graduates in Agriculture, and sends more students to medical and dental school than any other state school in Georgia.

Fort Valley State University’s Greatest Contribution in Middle Georgia

FVSU has an economic impact of $139 million on the Georgia economy and an impact of nearly $90 million locally while supporting 1,000 jobs within six-counties surrounding the college. FVSU conducts research that improves farm processes, including pest management and enhancement of livestock productivity and has the only fully accredited, four-year Bachelor of Science veterinary science program within the University System and the only four-year veterinary technology program in the state. 

Why education is such a powerful, life changing tool

Research consistently shows that when you educate one individual you improve that person's financial outcomes and potential for upward mobility for a lifetime which in turn has a positive impact on the entire family. With every generation that is educated the chances of each successive generation earning a college degree increases.

My hope for Education Together

At Fort Valley State University, we hope to positively impact the lives of Middle Georgia students who desire a higher education, but who struggle to pursue one without the benefit of financial assistance.

How I will define the success of Education Together

Success for Education Together will be defined by the project actually positively impacting the lives of the Middle Georgia students who desire to attend a regional college or university, but who would otherwise struggle financially to attend one.

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