Education Together

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Ivan Allen, president of Central Georgia Technical College
Ivan Allen, president of Central Georgia Technical College

Dr. Ivan Allen, President, Central Georgia Technical College

Central Georgia Technical College

We exist for workforce development. CGTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia that enhances the region’s workforce. Our mission has three distinct tenets: credit instruction to earn a degree, diploma or work certification; adult education for people who didn’t finish high school; and economic development, designed specifically to provide workforce training for business and industry.

Greatest contribution made by Central Georgia Technical College to Middle Georgia.

Central Georgia Technical College’s greatest contribution to Middle Georgia is our pipeline of skilled and talented workers that make our region ripe for economic prosperity. We graduate 3,000 students annually and nearly 90% remain within a 50-mile radius. Whether they gain employment with a large corporation or a small business, open a barber shop or become a plumber or a welder, we are contributing to the region’s long term success.

Why education is such a powerful, life-changing tool.

Education is the great equalizer and gives people access to worlds they’ve not seen. The greatest hope people have had for centuries was that their children could earn an education and have a better opportunity to succeed in life. That was my personal story. After my father died, my mother and grandmother sacrificed everything to ensure that I could do anything if I worked hard to earn an education. An education isn’t a guarantee, it’s an opportunity to earn a better life.

My hope for Education Together.

I believe that great things will come out of this initiative – multiple partners pooling resources and working together to highlight what is right and good in our students; to congratulate them, to lift them up as shining examples of what can be. Any time we’re able to celebrate the success of students collectively – it sends the right message to the community. Education Together sends a wonderful message about hope and opportunity.

How I will define the success of Education Together.

Education Together will be a success as students earn scholarships and take the next step to become successful, contributing members of the community. This is a movement about reinvesting in young people of all backgrounds, and if we do it right, the talent will stay here at home. Education Together is a great example of all sectors of our economy doing something to make our community better. It’s beyond visions of hope. We’re taking actions to make hope a reality.

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