Education Together

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Spencer Strickland of State Bank
Spencer Strickland of State Bank

Spencer Strickland, Regional President, State Bank

State Bank

Our mission is to serve our clients’ financial needs. We offer value and excellent client service and strive to be trusted advisors in a very approachable way. For us, it’s about people, not numbers. There are lots of banking options – and the better job we do of taking care of customers, the more opportunities we’ll have to be beneficial to them and to our community.

The greatest contribution State Bank makes to Middle Georgia.

Being a great community partner and providing sound financial solutions. We have the largest deposit market share in Middle Georgia, which means a lot of folks trust us. We take pride in helping people and being involved in the community with sponsorships and volunteerism. Our entire bank operation is headquartered in Macon. I don’t know of another bank that can say that.

Why education is such a powerful, life-changing tool.

Education is the core of all we do and breaks barriers more quickly than anything I’m aware of. And once earned, it never can be taken away from you. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and teen pregnancy, and the better educated someone is, the less likely they’re going to find themselves in those circumstances. Education has the power to solve most of our challenges in Middle Georgia. It’s proven, the better educated our young people are, the more successful they will be.

My hope for Education Together.

We improve education through leadership, strategic vision, determination and cooperation with everyone coming together and taking responsibility. I hope these partners will be recognized as part of the solution to our educational challenges in Middle Georgia and this initiative will spawn other educational efforts. Who knows where Education Together will take us and how many local students will go to college as a result of this initiative?

How I will define the success of Education Together.

It’s already successful because deserving students in Middle Georgia will have more opportunity to earn a degree or certification as a result of this fund and will be recognized as scholarship winners. The people who know them will see the recognition, and younger students – maybe a sibling or neighbor follow their example. Education Together is already successful because so many different businesses came together so quickly. We’ve not awarded any scholarship yet, but to have all of the partners contributing at a level that allows someone to go to college, it’s already a success.

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