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Ruth Knox, president of Wesleyan College
Ruth Knox, president of Wesleyan College

Ruth Knox, President, Wesleyan College

Wesleyan College

We are the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. We value women and provide a range of outstanding programs for all ages. With a foundation in the liberal arts, we also offer courses that lead to professional degrees in areas like business, education and nursing. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, our focus is faith and service without being a sectarian institution. There’s a spiritual component to a Wesleyan education that leads to service and concern for social issues.

Wesleyan College’s greatest contribution to Middle Georgia.

With our tradition of welcoming students from across the globe, Wesleyan looks more like the world than any other college I know. Our students are educated to become servant leaders, and there are many ways they get involved in the community and help improve it. Wesleyan offers an array of cultural activities for the community in music, theater and art, and the campus is a place to walk, meditate and enjoy nature – particularly the arboretum.

Why education is such a powerful, life-changing tool.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of education is that it never stops. Until college, education is what students “have to do.” College opens up the world. In college, students encounter professors and others who encourage them to think. College helps students to become learners forever. I think about someone who can’t afford to attend college but finds a way -- then becomes a doctor or winds up discovering a cure for something. The college experience really does change lives; we see it every day here at Wesleyan.

My hope for Education Together.

Big picture, it’s everyone in Central Georgia having a college degree. Realistically, that may not happen, but if we add a few college graduates every year, that’s a great improvement. Going to college here will engender in those graduates a love and affinity for the community that will pay back those scholarships many times over. Wesleyan is participating in Education Together because it’s good for the community and we want our community to be better.

How I will define the success of Education Together.

At its very basic level, if we change one life, we've succeeded. But we'll do a lot more than that. Our aspiration should be that every student who receives an award will complete his or her degree. Let's hope too, that most will stay in the area, become good citizens and leaders, and help Central Georgia thrive as a warm, welcoming, vibrant, and progressive community.  That will require staying in touch with the scholarship recipients, which also should be one of the program's goals. Telling their stories should be great fun and inspirational.

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