Education Together

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John Rhea of Robins Financial
John Rhea of Robins Financial

John Rhea, President and CEO, Robins Financial Credit Union

Robins Financial Credit Union

We are a financial cooperative owned by our members, not a bank, but a not-for-profit organization. We’ve been in business since 1954 providing financial services to over 165,000 members in 16 Middle Georgia counties and nearly every state. Formerly known as Robins Federal Credit Union, we have nearly 400 employees organization-wide, 19 branch offices and assets of about $2.1 billion. 

Robins Financial Credit Union’s greatest contribution to Middle Georgia

The full slate of financial products and services we offer and deliver with a world-class service mentality. If you do business with us you’ll get great products, great rates and great value. We offer outstanding value through great rates on loans and deposits, and we strive to be a good community partner through volunteerism, donations to worthy organizations, and an in-house educational scholarship fund.

Why education is such a powerful, life-changing tool.

Education is the foundation that empowers students to dream and improve the odds of a better life. Education opens doors and opportunities that otherwise might not be available. There’s no panacea, but education increases your odds so much. You give a child an education hoping it will be a springboard to do bigger and better things. Without an education you know there are doors that just won’t open.

My hope for Education Together.

Education Together broadens educational opportunities for young people in Middle Georgia and shows students who want an education that money doesn’t have to be the deciding factor. The average student and parents are not aware of the many scholarship opportunities available, but given Education Together’s publicity and promotion, we can reach more students, expand the educational opportunities and increase the odds that the students will live and work here.

How I will define the success of Education Together.

Success will be watching students take advantage of this scholarship opportunity to pursue an education and then, staying in Middle Georgia to live and work. If we can follow this, we can say, wow, we made a difference. We understand the importance of providing students with the opportunity for higher education and believe it is important that we support our community.

For more information about the scholarship, including how to apply, click here.