Education Together

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Bill Underwood, president of Mercer University
Bill Underwood, president of Mercer University

Bill Underwood, President, Mercer University

Mercer University

We are one of the premier private research universities in the Southeast. We have a strong focus on undergraduate research, and on engaging our students and taking their gifts and talents and putting them to work in our laboratories and libraries. We’re a university that inspires young people to do the kinds of research that solves real problems.

Mercer University’s greatest contribution to Middle Georgia.

Our focus is attracting, developing and retaining talent in Middle Georgia. Our graduates live lives of service. We’re proud that Macon’s Mayor, Georgia’s Governor and the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court all are Mercer graduates. We’re the leading educator of doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and business leaders in this region. Preparing young people for leadership and service is our largest contribution.

Why education is such a powerful, life-changing tool.

There are a couple of ways of viewing the power of education. Education can lift a family out of poverty and create economic opportunity. But beyond creating economic opportunity, education fosters a love of reading and opens many doors. We need many different strategies pursued by different people in concert with one another to put young people on the path to a richer life. This investment in educational scholarships is a first step toward making Macon more attractive to young people. 

My hope for Education Together.

It’s incumbent upon diverse groups of people across the communities to develop strategies to combat generational poverty. This investment in educational scholarships makes Middle Georgia more attractive and provides pathways for students that lead to somewhere they care about going. With Education Together we must have clear and concrete goals, monitor our progress and hold ourselves accountable. We also need to develop internship programs and expose students to successful people. Our hope is that Education Together is a significant part of the puzzle to help more young people achieve their potential.

How l will define the success of Education Together.

Scholarships are important for the students who win them, but those scholarships also motivate all students and give them something to shoot for. The success of Education Together comes when more students have greater opportunities for educational advancement, are educated here in Middle Georgia and decide to stay here to live, work and play.

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