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Kathryn Dennis, Community Foundation of Central Georgia.
Kathryn Dennis, Community Foundation of Central Georgia.

Kathryn Dennis

President, Community Foundation of Central Georgia

Community Foundation of Central Georgia

We help individuals, families, corporations, private foundations and not-for-profit organizations in 21 counties with their charitable giving. We help people create philanthropic funds and direct where the money goes. You don’t need a fortune to achieve your charitable goals, benefit your causes and strengthen our community.

Community Foundation of Central Georgia’s greatest contribution to Middle Georgia.

The thousands of grants and scholarships totaling more than $67 million we’ve awarded in the past 22 years have made a difference to the grantors and to many organizations in Central Georgia. Still, the Community Foundation has $103 million in assets, which shows the power of compounding.

Why education is such a powerful, life-changing tool.

An education is the only thing no one can take away from you. It doesn’t matter what your economic background is – an education opens so many doors. You can go places without ever going anywhere by reading a book. An education helps you understand the world and is the one thing that can change your life. School taught me never to stop asking questions.

My hope for Education Together.

Through Education Together, I hope students who didn’t think it possible to further their education after high school will be motivated to graduate from high school and take advantage of this opportunity to help fund additional education. Hopefully, the students will make plans for their future and for a career, and Education Together will have a cascading effect – sparking younger students to apply for the scholarship themselves when they’re ready to graduate.

How I will define the success of Education Together.

I’ll define the program’s success in several ways. Education Together has already hit one of my litmus tests for success because it has a broad range of partners. Secondly, if we have a lot of applicants, local colleges will see an uptick in applications and these scholarships will drive our best and brightest students to attend college in Central Georgia and then stay here to live and work, keeping that brain power and talent local.

For more information about the scholarship, including how to apply, click here.