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Tom Scholl served as executive director of the Georgia Christian Council. Scholl has taught in the public school system as well as teaching ethics at Georgia College & State University. He now enjoys retirement, and continues his public advocacy work in Macon-Bibb County and working with the founders of a university in Africa.

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    SCHOLL: Not all news travels fast

    Congressman Austin Scott, R-Ga., emailed me a questionnaire Friday asking my opinion. I hope he sent one to you, too. It’s important our leaders seek out and listen to our views. The email’s subject line reads: “Should your savings be taxed?” Rep. Scott wants to know ...


    SCHOLL: The sacred and the invalid

    I like Erick Erickson. We had lunch together. A nicer, friendlier and more thoughtful person would be hard to find. I look forward to another lunch sometime. However, I must challenge his thinking in the columns he wrote supporting the private Catholic school, Mount de Sales, which fired a gay teacher...


    SCHOLL: Battleground: Uganda

    I found Uganda to be a beautiful country when I was there a couple summers ago. Winston Churchhill called Uganda the “pearl of Africa.” Indeed, it is. Outside the capital city of Kampala, the vast numbers of wild African animals run freely. As we reached a hilltop, we were overwhelmed...


    SCHOLL: Death of a salesman

    The dogs alerted; I saw it, too. It was back again, snaking around the bottom of my driveway. Like a chameleon it changes color; last time it was pink, this time yellow. Many times I shouted, forbidding it in my yard, but here it is again. The dogs sniffed it, jumped back and barked. I called the...


    SCHOLL: Democracy won, democracy lost

    Our political leadership warns us, but we don’t listen. I remember a friend’s father, an F.B.I. agent, carefully reading through a brochure we were given in seventh grade teaching us about the communist threat. He checked that a communist hadn’t written it. Today, we are dealing...


    SCHOLL: Sacred and profane

    “Man is stark mad; he cannot make a flea, and yet he will be making gods by the dozen”


    SCHOLL: Holiday illumination

    The Christmas season was a festive time; it is every year. Colorful lights brighten souls. Christmas trees and excited children call up the nostalgia of Christmas past -- memories from the days when we ran in pajamas to the presents under the tree. At this same holiday time, Jews celebrate Hanukkah...


    SCHOLL: Thanks for the memories

    Here I am writing about memory. I’m the guy who spends half of my day looking for things I had in my hand five minutes earlier. Never mind finding myself in a room wondering why I went there. The good news is, that this is only the short-term memory guy falling asleep on the job.


    SCHOLL: Thumbs up, thumbs down

    They marched in one by one. I saw a group of five once. Some sobbed. Fear radiated from their eyes as those from an abused dog. They approached the tall paneled bench where nine faces looked down upon them. Then they turned left or they turned right, then they left the room.


    SCHOLL: Something to talk about

    When I first moved to Georgia over 20years ago, I was driving in Atlanta on Interstate 285. Dangerously, I cut in front of a truck, forgetting the right-hand mirror made cars look farther away than they really are. Promptly, there was a light in my rearview -- a blue, blue, blue light.

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