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Sonny Harmon is a faculty member at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, where he coaches golf and teaches first year experience classes. Previously he held positions at Auburn and Georgia Southern.

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    HARMON: Microcosm of life on the road

    “Vacations are nothing more than a microcosm of our lives taken somewhere else,” is what I heard this smart fellow say. I suppose he meant, you can travel somewhere faraway, spend money you don’t have, traumatize three dogs by placing them in a boarding house for pets, (something...


    HARMON: Drinking from the glass of deception

    The tragic murders committed at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, leave one without words, and the only ones I can muster up at this time come from a sense of disgust for the father who allowed the murderer to become the animal he is.


    HARMON: Fuzzy burger and family

    I don’t know what the actual numbers are, but I have a feeling America is losing a lot of households where there’s a mom and a dad present. Maybe I feel this way because of television or the fact that I come into contact with women who are raising children by themselves and men who...


    HARMON: When a good friend croaks

    I lost really good friend the other day. His name was iPod and he either drowned or had a stroke because although he still lights up when I come into the room, he no longer talks. Singing is out of the question. He hasn’t sung a song in two days and I believe it’s because he was in...


    HARMON: ‘It’ is watching you

    For sale, one previously owned home, owned twice to be exact with various obsolete objects beginning to show serious signs of stress, similar to the ones showing up in the owners.


    HARMON: Cutting cable brings one back to life

    I suppose you could say I am now uninformed but perhaps smarter. My cable bill came the other day and it was $142 a month for the basic bundle, a confusing wad of mishmash designed to make one feel as though the deal is really great when actually it’s about paying for things you either don...


    HARMON: Politician for the common man

    Well everyone needs a champion and I’m no exception. I heard there’s one that will be available soon and although I’m not gay, as are the fellows in her send-off video, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express and I suppose you could say I’m what Hillary would consider an &#...


    HARMON: The good, the bad and the comments

    Is it possible that the Internet is showing us who we really are as people? What we really think about issues and each other? And is it bringing out the worst of us or showing our humanity in some way?


    HARMON: ‘War on women’

    The war on women is probably our longest and most misunderstood war. And Lord knows we’ve had a lot of misunderstood wars. The War on Poverty we appear to have done poorly. You’d have to be a dope to think we’re winning the War on Drugs -- and as for the Cold War -- we appeared...


    HARMON: The ‘next level’ of losing your mind

    There are three things I must have whenever I leave the castle. One would be Mr. Cellphone, then Mrs. Wallet (wife controls the money), and finally, Mr. Keys. Losing any one of these guys brings on stress and we’ve got enough of that around here. One of the dogs thinks the carpet is her personal...

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