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Sonny Harmon is a faculty member at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, where he coaches golf and teaches first year experience classes. Previously he held positions at Auburn and Georgia Southern.

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    HARMON: The good, the bad and the comments

    Is it possible that the Internet is showing us who we really are as people? What we really think about issues and each other? And is it bringing out the worst of us or showing our humanity in some way?


    HARMON: ‘War on women’

    The war on women is probably our longest and most misunderstood war. And Lord knows we’ve had a lot of misunderstood wars. The War on Poverty we appear to have done poorly. You’d have to be a dope to think we’re winning the War on Drugs -- and as for the Cold War -- we appeared...


    HARMON: The ‘next level’ of losing your mind

    There are three things I must have whenever I leave the castle. One would be Mr. Cellphone, then Mrs. Wallet (wife controls the money), and finally, Mr. Keys. Losing any one of these guys brings on stress and we’ve got enough of that around here. One of the dogs thinks the carpet is her personal...


    HARMON: Surviving the bike ride

    Once in a while I see these signs around southern towns that say, “Bicycle friendly” or “Bicycle community,” or something of that sort. I’ve seen them in Gainesville, Florida, which has a bike trail that takes you all through Gainesville proper with a safe secure...


    HARMON: A country for any man?

    There was a movie out a few years ago starring Tommy Lee Jones, called, “No Country for Old Men.” I suppose the title came from the fact that the particular part of the country in which the movie took place, the southern border, had become a rough place to live and old folks needed...


    HARMON: Time-strapped key element

    Almost anyone involved in today’s version of “education” will tell you that one important element in the process is to create an environment whereby students become inspired and seek out information for themselves, using the teacher as a guide in the search for knowledge. The...


    HARMON: A visit from the ‘god of pain’

    Ah, low back pain. Probably brought on by watching too much television news while slouching, or a dozen other stupid things I’ve done over the years.


    HARMON: Alive in the palm of your hands

    My sister and I were sitting in the living room of the old house at the beach. I had just walked through the kitchen and this weird feeling of someone’s absence came over me. I knew it was him, but had to ask her if she ever had that same feeling. “Of course,” she replied, &#...


    HARMON: Big show at the ‘Big House’

    It’s that time of year, sometimes an upper, sometimes a downer, depending on how I look at it. I’ve been known to ruin a few holidays but, sometimes it can’t be helped.


    HARMON: Oh so ‘simple’

    I have one comment about Ferguson and then I want to be on to other things. After three months of prepping “we the people,” the media got exactly what it wanted in the form of news, chaos, fires and police against civilians. We were manipulated into watching as though the ball was ...

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