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Sonny Harmon is a faculty member at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, where he coaches golf and teaches first year experience classes. Previously he held positions at Auburn and Georgia Southern.

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    HARMON: ISIS and fire ants

    If you don’t think we’re in trouble with this ISIS terrorism threat, consider this. Terrorists are as much like the fire ant as any enemy we’ve ever had and the fire ant continues to be a terror to Southern homeowners with no solution in sight.


    HARMON: Bedtime floaters of the third kind

    We seem to have lost all sense of common sense as we see a huge debate raging on whether to practice the left hook on the wife and beat the living daylights out of the kids. Common sense would tell one that neither of those activities stands a chance of turning out well. I suggest potential victims...


    HARMON: The ‘little guy’

    My laptop computer has a screen saver, a picture of the grandson sleeping at six months (I learned how to right click a few months ago). From time to time I’ll change it, but since his arrival it’s always of him. I’ve been out of town for a while so I get video updates of the...


    HARMON: Missed opportunities in Ferguson

    I’m writing this from a safe, comfortable porch, surrounded by glass with a view of a calm neighborhood near the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and if I could, I would get down on my knees (they’re worn out) and thank God for a safe, calm place in which to work.


    HARMON: We want a winner

    There is no doubt that sports dominates our culture right now. Tiger’s injured back, Favre’s jersey retirement, some NFL guy knocking out his wife. These things Americans will definitely pay close attention to. It’s the first thing we click on when going to the Internet while...


    HARMON: Important questions

    I traveled to Seymour, Tenn. last weekend to visit some old relatives. Some were still alive. Some had left the building we call earth years ago and laid at rest in Woodlawn Cemetery near Knoxville. Headstones marked the spots where four people who would never know the answers to so many “...


    HARMON: Checking the lights on the other side of 67

    Each time I read the obituary announcements in the paper I wonder how long it will be until, sitting somewhere on a cloud, harp in hand, trying to keep tempo with those old hymns written long ago, I see my name in print.


    HARMON: Dangers in ‘Birdland’

    It’s a dangerous world out there with predators and circumstances waiting to take or influence our young people -- and some of us. Like this mother bird I know, certain decisions can make this world fraught with danger even more dangerous.


    HARMON: Different career choices

    Yes, we turned five guys loose whose sole mission in life is to kill us. We’re going to trust Qatar for one year as to where they are and what they are doing. But, not to worry, if they’re doing something John Kerry deems inappropriate he will simply have them eliminated. I’...


    HARMON: In good and bad, family No. 1

    I suppose if you live long enough you’re going to see just about everything life has to offer. You’re going to witness births, deaths, marriages, divorces, graduations, successes and failures. You’re going to experience disappointments with relatives and friends. You’...

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