EDITORIAL: Midnight basketball isn’t about basketball

The concept of midnight basketball has been derided as a waste of time and money, but basketball, though in the name, wasn¿t what the program was about. Basketball was just the hook to catch disaffected youth who, unfortunately, had no adult supervision at home and ended up running the streets and getting into more than mischief at all hours of the night.


EDITORIAL: ‘Fading five’ could keep more properties from disappearing

Historic Macon, in an effort to identify endangered properties before they fall victim to the wrecking ball, has come up with a preemptive plan. The organization calls its annual efforts the “Fading Five.” The name is self-explanatory, structures that are “architecturally, historically and naturally significant places,” said Alex Morrison, the chairman of Historic Macon’s board of directors, will be identified and the organization will work with the owners to develop a restoration plan or find new owners for the properties.

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