FRIEDMAN: The many Mideast solutions

In December at the Brookings Saban Forum on the Middle East, Atlantic magazine reporter Jeff Goldberg asked right-wing former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman this provocative question: "Things are shifting radically not only in non-Jewish America but in Jewish America as it concerns Israel and its reputation. My question is: (A) Do you care? (B) What are you going to do about it? And (C) how important is it to you?" "To speak frankly, I don't care," Lieberman responded, adding that Israel lived in a dangerous neighborhood. Give Lieberman credit for honesty.


EDITORIAL: Read my lips - no increase in fees

It may not sound like a lot of money to some, but the submitted legislation that would raise fees for hunting and fishing licenses has a not-so-hidden caveat. For example, a resident hunting license goes from $10 to $15. A resident hunting/fishing license goes from $17 to $30. Most of the other increases nickle and dime residents, but hit nonresidents much harder. A non-resident fishing license is $50. A non-resident hunting license is $100.