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One thing is guaranteed, the ‘Age of Trump’ begins today

At seven o’clock this morning, a moving van will open its doors on the west side of the south lawn of the White House and workers will begin carting out the personal belongings of President Obama. Thirty minutes later another moving van will pull up on the east side of the south lawn and begin unloading the personal belongings of President Trump. The Map Room will serve as the holding area for the Obama’s belongings and the China Room will serve as the holding area for the Trump’s belongings.


Perdue, adding to his list of life’s adventures

George E. “Sonny” Perdue III has been nominated by the incoming Trump administration to fill the Cabinet level post of Secretary of Agriculture. While we could question some of President Trump’s other selections for high level office, we have no reservations about this pick. Perdue, who served the great state of Georgia as governor from 2003 to 2011, didn’t attain his knowledge of agriculture from sleeping in a Holiday Inn last night, rather, he was literally born into into the business. While his mother was a teacher, his father was a Houston County farmer. Perdue went on to earn his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Georgia, serve in the U.S. Air Force and practice veterinary medicine. Somewhere in between all that he managed to play football at Warner Robins High School and UGA. His political career? Well, most folks around here know about all that so we won’t waste the space. Needless to say, he’s been dabbling in politics since the 1980s.

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Rising from the Trumpkin patch

Sometimes, you’ve got to go through it to get to it. That’s a personal motto with which I have occasionally consoled myself since I was a teenager. It means that for as much as we naturally seek to avoid the unpleasant situation, to find a way over or around it, there are times in this life when the only option is to go through it, to endure the unendurable thing and pick up the pieces on the other side. That philosophy has succored me through breakups, deaths and career reversals. I find myself turning to it again to gird for the inauguration of the 45th president.


Respect the office if not the man

Donald J. Trump, the billionaire businessman, will recite the presidential oath on Friday. Each inauguration is a demonstration to the rest of the world what the peaceful transfer of power looks like. The only shots heard that day will be the cannonade from the Presidential Guns Salute Battery that will fire from Taft Park, just north of the Capitol.

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The Democrats’ unwarranted partisan assault on the Electoral College

In various articles I have discussed the historic reasons for the inclusion of the Electoral College process in presidential elections, citing specific reasons the Founding Fathers, soon after gaining American independence from the British Empire and experiencing the deficiencies of the articles of confederation, finally framed a constitutional republic at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.

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January brings out the ‘BEST’

January is always an exciting month here at Harmon Plaza, a really impressive 1,800-square foot brick home with two baths, a footstool, carport and backyard and today — a cat and a dog starved for attention as I’ve been gone a few days throwing rye grass over mom’s yard. We do that every year so I’ll have something to mow when I return. There’s something about the smell of fresh mowed rye grass that turns me on, even at this age. Or maybe it’s the riding lawn mower. But I digress.

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Am I going to heaven?

People my age think about this. Death is coming, and then what? Most of us put hell aside; we consider the burning flames to be a myth that was created by clerics to scare us into being good. The Old Testament calls it Sheol, that dark watery place where ghosts wander about. The New Testament calls it either Gehenna, the garbage pit that burned outside of the walls of Jerusalem, or the Greek term Hades, which corresponds to Sheol. So, we dismiss hell, but what about heaven?


Trying to make sense of the unexplainable

There is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot when faced with looking for the reasoning behind the commission of certain crimes: “It’s in the water,” because there really is no reasonable explanation. For example, how do you explain the shooting of Brooklyn Rouse? The 21-year-old was going about her business of delivering pizzas on a day she was supposed to have off. Little could she know that one of those calls for pizza was actually a trap to lure a deliverer to a robbery. The trap worked, and Brooklyn was shot in the head in the process, and for what?


$50 million downtown project

Proposal for Exchange Block across from the Government Center gets over first P&Z hurdle
$50 million downtown project 1:00

$50 million downtown project

Sex education then and now 1:50

Sex education then and now

Conflict at AFGE Local 987 1:51

Conflict at AFGE Local 987

What you need to know about SPLOST before you vote in November 1:38

What you need to know about SPLOST before you vote in November