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Oh, barf. The Georgia Center for Opportunity — whatever that is — has come out with a report card, giving As and A-pluses to cut-and-run legislators who want to promote private school scholarships with public money rather than deal with the societal problems our schools face. What makes their report card about as credible as a singing frog is they give the highly-respected chairman of the state Senate Education Committee, Lindsey Tippins, R-Cobb County, a failing grade because he opposes the cockamamie scheme. Sen. Tippins, who served 12 years on the Cobb County Board of Education and as its chairman for three years, knows more and cares more about public education and those in the trenches than all the opportunistic cut-and-runners and their Kool-Aid drinking friends combined. Give the Georgia Center for Opportunity an “F” for flummery. …

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Lessons learned from the special election

Thirty days may be an eternity in politics, but it looks like the (mercifully) just-ended special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District could hold some clues that extend into 2018. Let’s see if we can find some lasting lessons from Republican Karen Handel’s victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff.

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Is myth a dirty word?

My wife and daughter have watched the “Hallmark Series” on TV for many years. All these stories have the same four parts: The expectation, the failure, the success, and the promise of a “happily ever after.”

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Happy down here in sweet Georgia

Last week, Janice, John Hulbert and I went over to Julianna Horsting and Ginny Crook’s open house-reception at their antique and gift shop, “Camellia on Main,” in Marshallville. While there, I did something which is causing me regrets.

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Injustice and dignity

Philando Castile is a name many of us might have heard, then dismissed. We should all remember him. Mr. Castile was an innocent man gunned down for no cause by an overly tense police officer giving Mr. Castile conflicting orders. Mr. Castile did his best to comply with conflicting orders and was killed for doing so. That's not right.


$50 million downtown project

Proposal for Exchange Block across from the Government Center gets over first P&Z hurdle
$50 million downtown project 1:00

$50 million downtown project

Sex education then and now 1:50

Sex education then and now

Conflict at AFGE Local 987 1:51

Conflict at AFGE Local 987

What you need to know about SPLOST before you vote in November 1:38

What you need to know about SPLOST before you vote in November