Gov. Deal takes off the gloves

Gov. Nathan Deal is accustomed to getting his way. He’s used to browbeating legislators into submission. In part, that’s what governor’s do to fullfill their visions for the state. However, there are times when people in powerful positions start to, as the old folks used to say, “feel their oats,” and forget where the real power lies.

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The road to making America great again

All of us were embarrassed, I hope, by the audiotape of Donald Trump’s ugly boast about women. Embarrassed and awakened again to the destructive nature of demeaning and bullying speech that, while not new, has gained new purchase in our society. The statements made public 10 days ago were only the latest in a season of awful speech regarding women, immigrants and Muslims.

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Passage of Amendment 1 no sure thing

In Georgia, it is a political fact of life that whatever the governor wants — no matter who occupies the seat — the governor usually gets. That is because the office controls a lot of money and patronage and can dispense or withhold either, depending on whether you support or oppose the governor.

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Time to make English the official language of Georgia

I enjoyed reading D.A. King’s recent column explaining the foreign language voter assistance videos being produced for non-English speakers in Georgia. It brings up an opportune time to remind all Georgia voters of what they will not be allowed to consider on the ballot during the General Election — amending the state constitution to make English Georgia’s official language of government.

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Leaders are fighters

All leaders learn to fight. It’s just part of leading. When somebody starts to move us in the wrong direction, a leader jumps up and says: “Hold on, we’re not going there,” and a fight starts. In politics it’s called election time; in religion it’s called “all the time.”


Vote ‘no’ on Amendment 1

The most contentious issue on the ballot this election cycle with the exception of the contest for president is the question of Amendment 1 that Gov. Nathan Deal is sponsoring that would give the state authority to take over local schools.

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Selling peanuts on the streets of Perry

Last week it was getting the peanuts boiled, sacked and ready for sale. This week it’s time to hit the sidewalks, stores and courthouse (a really good place to make sales) and exercise our budding entrepreneurial skills. It’s a little daunting for David (age 8) and me (age 13), but we move forward.

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Consider Evan McMullin

The reality is that the election is over and has been since the moment Donald Trump got the Republican nomination. No nominee has ever left the conclusion of the convention season with a polling deficit and rebounded. No nominee has entered the last month of the election behind seven points and rebounded.


$50 million downtown project

Proposal for Exchange Block across from the Government Center gets over first P&Z hurdle
$50 million downtown project 1:00

$50 million downtown project

Sex education then and now 1:50

Sex education then and now

Conflict at AFGE Local 987 1:51

Conflict at AFGE Local 987

What you need to know about SPLOST before you vote in November 1:38

What you need to know about SPLOST before you vote in November