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    Middle Georgia in unique position to capitalize on freight

    A quick geography lesson. What interstate highways connect Savannah, home of one of the busiest ports on the East Coast, and Atlanta, where the busiest airport in the nation is located? Clue, two run right through Macon -- Interstate 16 and Interstate 75.


    ERICKSON: Lunatic Lord

    Some time around 1,981 years ago today, the Roman authorities in Palestine executed a nut job who had been running around the countryside claiming he was the Messiah. The nut, named Jesus, was one in a long line of people who had done the same thing.


    FERGUSON: This just in: racists exist

    There is something about an election year that seems to make the rampant nonsense that passes for political discourse in Washington hit increasingly impressive levels of stupidity. Just when we think we’ve bottomed out, some congressman opens up his mouth and we feel the floor give way beneath...

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