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Ed Grisamore

The whirlybird gets the eggs

Kyle Collins, chief helicopter pilot Middle Georgia State University’s School of Aviation in Eastman, lets loose with Easter eggs at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Ga., on Saturday, March 24.

Ed Grisamore

She had Faith her time would come

She helped out at Cherry Blossom Festivals, in all kinds of capacities, for years. This year, Faith Fabian competed to become the festival queen — and won. She is the daughter of Matt and Liz Fabian.

Ed Grisamore

Color my world … with red

Red is a special color, and not only on Valentine’s Day. It’s the color of lobsters, lipstick, fire trucks, lady bugs and Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers — and Ed Grisamore’s socks.

Ed Grisamore

I do have a Dawg in this fight

Georgia has the advantage over Alabama in most every way, except for national championships in football. But the gap could start to close at the College Football Playoff title game on Monday, Jan. 8, 2018.

Replica depot displays neighbors' impressive collection of train memorabilia

Don Daniel and Denise Collins, who are across-the-road neighbors in the tiny community of Blount in north Monroe County, share a passion for trains. Collins had a three-room replica of a train depot built in her backyard to display their impressiv
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