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An unfussy chaise lounge made of plywood? Ply not?

Plywood tends to be associated with unfinished building construction, so it's easy to forget that several modernist designers, from the 1920s onward, were obsessed with it as a furniture medium. See, for example, Alvar Aalto's Paimio chair (1939) and Charles and Ray Eames' classic LCW or Lounge Chair Wood (1945). Now the versatile, inexpensive material - comprised of thin sheets of wood veneer (with grains layered in alternating directions for added strength) - has become a mainstay in contemporary, eco-friendly interiors, seen in everything from wall panels to bookcases to bed frames.

Home & Garden

Blesseys look back on saving home after Katrina

The home of Walter and Katherine Blessey, like those of many Biloxians and Mississippi Coastians in general, is a survivor. With origins just over a century old, it's not the oldest or the largest home on the Coast. But it has its own special story, and by golly, it wasn't going to let the most destructive storm in modern American history beat it down.

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