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Erick Erickson, a former member of the Macon City Council, is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.

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    ERICKSON: A new plan to fix schools

    Macon County’s entire school system, kindergarten to 12th grade, is failing. Taliaferro County is another one. Taliaferro, I’m told, had been in a combined school district with Greene County. When its students were not graduating high school, it pulled out of the consolidated district...


    ERICKSON: Forcing values - real life examples

    In Oregon, Aaron and Melissa Klein and their five children are losing their home due to bankruptcy. Their business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, is going under.


    ERICKSON: It is a tax

    It appears the Religious Freedom Restoration Act will pass in both the state House and state Senate. Gov. Deal is now committed to signing it into law. So I will not harass readers or David Cooke with more on the subject. Lest anyone think otherwise, I do think David Cooke is a great district attorney...


    ERICKSON: God at work

    Our district attorney, David Cooke, penned an op-ed in this paper in opposition to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). In part, he suggested that child abusers could hide behind RFRA to continue abusing children. In more than 20 years of RFRA being the law in 19 states and the federal ...


    ERICKSON: Protecting culture war conscientious objectors

    I disagree with District Attorney David Cooke and his op/ed in last Sunday’s Telegraph trying to scare people into opposing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This is a tactic being deployed in the debate across the nation.


    ERICKSON: Get ready for more politics

    We have just come out of a campaign cycle and already we are headed back into another one. We might as well get ready -- 2016 brings county elections in much of Georgia and the Presidential Preference Primary.


    ERICKSON: In 2015, focus on what matters most -- God and family

    There are 365 days in a year, unless the president is campaigning for office, then we have one additional, insufferable day. Each day has 24 hours. Each hour has 60 minutes. Each minute has 60 seconds. For all the near precision of the world wobbling, spinning, and orbiting the sun, time does not...


    ERICKSON: A season of miracles

    I believe in miracles. Mankind can explain so much now. We can explain why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We can explain the wonders of the age. We can land robots on far away planets and send probes into deep space. Science can explain so much.


    ERICKSON: Why December 25 is the day

    Many of us learned Christians set the date of Christmas to co-opt pagan holidays. Both the Roman Saturnalia festival and Sol Invictus, the Feast of the Unconquered Son, fell around Dec. 25. Christians could claim Christ was the unconquered son and draw people into their religion.


    ERICKSON: Thankful for freedom

    On Feb. 1, 2000, Leland Ware published “Thurgood Marshall: Freedom’s Defender.” He included a note at the beginning of the book that “in this biography, the term (insert the N-word here) appears in some quotations. When this term is used, it merely recites the words of...

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