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Erick Erickson, a former member of the Macon City Council, is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.

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    ERICKSON: Thoughts on the Confederate battle flag

    The Bible tells me to love my neighbor. I have a number of black friends and I do not know any of them who would feel comfortable coming into my house if I were flying the Confederate battle flag. So I don’t. In fact, in my life, the people I can think of who proudly fly the Confederate battle...


    ERICKSON: Warning signs

    During the final weeks of the General Assembly, Speaker David Ralston pushed through a billion dollar tax increase on Georgia’s citizens at the behest of major corporations in the state. The state, objectively, does need new money for transportation infrastructure. But a billion dollars in...


    ERICKSON: My own quiet dream

    From Aug. 6 to Aug. 9 this year, I am hosting the Republican presidential candidates in Atlanta. Seven years ago, I started my annual “RedState Gathering” because the political website I run had been around for a while and few of us had ever met in person. That first year, we did it...


    ERICKSON: Rick Perry enters the arena

    Yesterday in Dallas, Texas, former Gov. Rick Perry declared his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. It is his second time. Last time, Perry’s announced at the RedState gathering in Charleston, South Carolina, in August 2011 and surged quickly in the field to first place with...


    ERICKSON: Off to the races

    The list of Republican candidates for president continues to grow. Two days ago, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum declared. Next week, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will declare. Within three weeks, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will declare.


    ERICKSON: Building communities

    Below is an excerpt of the sermon I delivered last weekend in Chicago. The experience was very intimidating until I got in the pulpit. The scripture on which I based the sermon was Acts 6:8 -- 7:1. This excerpt below was at the end of the sermon.


    ERICKSON: A notable milestone

    I will not have a column next week. Some of you can rejoice at that. Oh, by the way, note to The Telegraph: I won’t have a column next week. I will be doing something I have never done before -- giving a sermon.


    ERICKSON: Upstream from politics

    What a terrible scene we are all witnessing in Baltimore, Maryland.


    ERICKSON: National insanity

    Twice did Bruce Jenner win gold medals for the decathlon. In 1975 at the Pan Am Games in Mexico City, then again in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Jenner bested the world and broke some world records in the process.


    ERICKSON: Failures of responsibility

    Two years ago, then 15-year-old Anthony Stokes needed a heart transplant. He would die without one. No one questioned that. But Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta determined Anthony Stokes did not qualify.

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