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Charles E. Richardson is a Knight Fellow at Duke University and the University of Maryland. He's taken courses in journalism and not-for-profit governance at Harvard. He has served on several civic boards and is the past state chairman for Kids Voting - Georgia and former chairman of the board for the Professional Association of Georgia Educators Foundation.

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    RICHARDSON: Sleeping electorate may wise up

    It has been an interesting couple of weeks since the midterm elections. I’ve enjoyed the Republican revelry and the Democrats’ disappointment. Republicans, wrongly assuming I’m a Democrat, have taken their shots. Democrats, assuming the same, want to commiserate.


    RICHARDSON: What’s really important

    Just about every pastor I’ve heard, usually when they open the doors to the church near the end of Sunday services, emphasizes that the unknown awaits each of us and that joining the church and getting saved is something we should not postpone. Truer words have never been spoken.


    RICHARDSON: Voters more informed today? No way

    If someone had said Georgia could have not one, but two runoff elections, I would have thought that person was looney-tunes. How could that be? I could see it in the Senate race with two people without elected experience, but the governor’s race?


    RICHARDSON: Hidden racism — or something else

    I was really having trouble dealing with a few events earlier in the week. As much as I try to give the benefit of the doubt to those accused of racism, there are times when it seems too obvious, and I have to call it what it is.


    RICHARDSON: No one can suppress the vote

    Last Tuesday, as I was leaving the Georgia National Fair in Perry after attending the Senate and gubernatorial debates, there was an elderly woman at the gate. She asked me, “Who should I vote for?” I told her I couldn’t tell her who to vote for, only that she had to vote.


    RICHARDSON: A crisis in confidence

    I’m a pretty trusting guy. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories as a rule and I don’t think my government is out to get me. I’m not one who thinks the federal government or governments in general are inherently inept. I don’t believe the majority of large organizations...


    RICHARDSON: Options and opportunities

    I asked the young man sitting to my left when would he graduate from Northeast High School. He replied, “I’m in the class of 2018.” I couldn’t even do the math. My brain was in a swirl of time as I felt myself age before his very eyes. I felt like Dorian Gray’s...


    RICHARDSON: A switch and a tree branch

    I found out last week that my dear mother, gone but not forgotten, was a serial child abuser. Yep, she was the abuser and I was the abusee.


    RICHARDSON: The Song of Solomon, a sure cure for abuse

    The indefinite suspension of Ray Rice, running back for the Baltimore Ravens from the National Football League, tears a scab from a wound that has been around since man appeared on this Earth. No matter the culture, women are treated like chattel -- possessions that are meant to serve men. Throughout...


    RICHARDSON: Makes you want to say hmmm

    There are some things that makes you want to say hmmm. I opened my paper Saturday, Aug. 30, to find a couple of instances. The first was the handling of the missing PTO money at SkyView Elementary. Just the week before, Eloise Maxine Reid was arrested and accused of stealing $33,975 from Vineville...

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