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Catherine Meeks, holds a Ph.D. from Emory University. She taught African American Studies at Mercer University for 25 year. She served as a loaned executive to the mayor's office at the city of Macon directing the Mayor's Youth Violence Task Force for two years before joining Wesleyan College's faculty as the Clara Carter Acree Distinguished Professor of Socio-Cultural Studies before her retirement in 2008.

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    MEEKS: Yes, Dr. Harding, we will carry on

    Last Friday, about 300 of us gathered in the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College in Atlanta to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Vincent Gordon Harding. The event was a stunning tribute to this dear, soft spoken, gentle giant.


    MEEKS: Images that haunt me

    This morning I was reflecting upon some of the haunting images that circle through my mind. The most haunting ones are around the pictures of the children I see who have been killed in the Gaza Strip in the past few days. These images in my mind are accompanied by the telling of the horror stories...


    MEEKS: Voting with my fork

    The wonderful film “NOURISH” invites us to vote with our forks in regards to the food industrial complex which is designed to control every aspect of our food life. Several months ago, my church embarked upon a study of food insecurity and the ways in which all of us are impacted by...


    MEEKS: Chickens coming home to roost

    Malcolm X was maligned for saying when President John Kennedy was murdered, that it was “chickens coming home to roost.” He meant the violence we practiced around the world was coming home to us. One only needs to reflect upon our history to recall many instances in which we have chosen...


    MEEKS: Dismantling the new racial caste system

    “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in an Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander addresses the issue of criminal justice which impacts communities of color (especially African- American and Latino) more than many others. The lack of the equitable distribution of justice contributes...


    MEEKS: We are still holding on to courage

    The Episcopal Diocese of Alabama hosts yearly pilgrimages to Hayne­ville, Alabama, to remember Jonathan Myrick Daniels and many others who were martyred in their state. Daniels was a young white seminarian from New Hampshire responding to the call of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to come to Alabama...


    MEEKS: Not in my name

    Last week, the state of Georgia issued a death warrant for Marcus Wellons. He is a friend of ours at the Open Door Community and is faithfully ministered to by the community. We are sad, but we will not allow ourselves to be so overwhelmed by that sadness that we forget to speak up about this continued...


    MEEKS: A gentle giant left us

    Dr. Vincent Gordon Harding died Monday night. He was a gentle giant indeed. Voices across this land and many other countries can affirm the powerful ways in which he bore witness to the ethic of love. So many of us often joked about how many people across the country had his cellphone number. This...


    MEEKS: Thank you Episcopal bishops

    Though they are joined by many other religious leaders in their outrage at the recent gun bill that was signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal, I want to thank our Episcopal bishops for being in that number. When the state loses its mind, hopefully the church will not follow it. Too many of our Georgia...


    MEEKS: Easter Day and death row

    Though I always enjoy Holy Week and the wonderful rituals of our church which are re-enacted during this time, this year was more powerful than in past years. Of course, as is true for most people, there is a lot going on in my life and with my family and friends. But one fairly new part of my journey...

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