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Bill Ferguson has lived in Middle Georgia since 1983 and currently resides in Houston County. He is a full-time software engineer employed at Robins Air Force Base and part-time freelance writer. He has been writing his editorial column since 1998, first for the Warner Robins Daily Sun and later for The Telegraph.

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    FERGUSON: Profiling is not the problem

    In my last column, I offered readers a choice of five possible controversial topics that they could vote on and I promised to write opposing columns arguing both sides of the winning topic. Readers chose profiling by law enforcement agencies as the preferred subject matter for this edition of &#...


    FERGUSON: Opening 2015 with a reader’s choice debate with myself

    Earlier last year, I did a little experiment where I let you readers pick a controversial topic for me to write about and then I did two columns presenting the opposing views on the subject you chose. You picked Obamacare as the topic on which I had this debate with myself, and judging by the nasty...


    FERGUSON: We don’t need laws for everything

    Last week I attempted to address the No. 1 social issue (judging by mass media reporting) currently plaguing our nation: White policemen killing unarmed black men and the suggestion that institutional racism is allowing the problem to fester. Having dealt with that, I thought I’d move on ...


    FERGUSON: Ferguson on Ferguson, Missouri

    With all of the unrest and strife that’s been plaguing the city of Ferguson, Missouri (which is not named after any of my relations as far as I know) lately, the subject of racism and what we can do to combat it has been discussed endlessly in news commentaries and editorials. And when I ...


    FERGUSON: Question of authority haunts all churches

    I have been following with interest the ongoing debate between Telegraph columnist Bill Cummings and some of his fellow Catholics here on the editorial pages. Cummings’ position that church law does and should change over time has stirred up vigorous protests from those who believe that certain...


    FERGUSON: America votes for change — again

    So the Republicans had an even better day at the polls this week than most people anticipated. They did especially well here in Georgia, where they won the hotly contested U.S. Senate and governor’s races that were thought to be so close they might have to be decided in a runoff.


    FERGUSON: An epidemic of fear

    The human brain is an amazing thing. It does many things well, things that make us the envy of all the animal kingdom (or would if other animals could feel envy). We ponder the past, dream about the future and search for a greater meaning behind the things that happen to us. The brain is a wondrous...


    FERGUSON: A voice of reason in the political wilderness

    If you’re like me you’re already tired of the mud-slinging and nonsense that passes for political campaigning in an election year like this. And you’re probably starving for some “red meat,” where the candidates actually talk about their positions on the serious...


    FERGUSON: Confession of a modern day Neanderthal

    According to evolutionary theory, life on our planet developed through a long, slow process where random genetic mutations and natural selection gradually produced more and more complex and intelligent forms of life. Human beings are the crowning achievement of that process, and as the big “...


    FERGUSON: Government inaction at its finest

    Imagine that you have a child with a serious chronic illness, one that prevents them from living anything close to a normal life. Perhaps they have dozens of seizures every day. Or maybe they have a pain disorder which causes them to suffer constantly with headaches and body aches.

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