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Bill Ferguson has lived in Middle Georgia since 1983 and currently resides in Houston County. He is a full-time software engineer employed at Robins Air Force Base and part-time freelance writer. He has been writing his editorial column since 1998, first for the Warner Robins Daily Sun and later for The Telegraph.

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    FERGUSON: Republicans send in the clown

    In show business they say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. That might be true for show biz, but it’s not always the case in politics. That’s a distinction that business tycoon/TV personality/presidential candidate Donald Trump does not seem to have grasped as yet.


    FERGUSON: Many sides to the gay marriage debate

    The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to declare that gay people have the right to get married in all 50 states has certainly captured our attention and caused a lot of heated debate and more than a little hand-wringing. There are many sides to this issue and my views on it are complex and multi...


    FERGUSON: Broken minds lead to broken lives

    Whenever a crime is committed, especially a particularly heinous, violent crime, our reflexive response is to demand swift punishment for the offender. That reaction is greatly magnified if the crime was committed against one of our loved ones.


    FERGUSON: Girls will be boys and boys will be girls

    Unless you live under a rock you are surely aware that Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist from the 1970s and reality TV star from present day, now identifies as a woman named Caitlyn. This news did not come as a shock of course, as there have been rumors of the ongoing transition for years. ...


    FERGUSON: It’s nice to have a partner

    I’ve always been a little surprised at the many types of animals some people keep as pets. I think that most animals should be living outside in their normal environments instead of being confined in our houses in tanks and cages. Fish were meant to swim in rivers or ponds or oceans, not ...


    Telegraph losing its ‘Man of the People’

    “Thanks for the memories: Ed Gris­amore leaving The Telegraph,” it read. I blinked a few times and read it again. I couldn’t believe it was true. Ed seems far too young to retire, and he seems to enjoy his job too much to just up and quit. It is especially jarring because...


    FERGUSON: Love it, or maybe consider leaving it

    It sure doesn’t seem as if the Republican takeover of Congress has done much to lift the spirits of political conservatives in this country. Barack Obama is still running amok with his liberal policies and schemes, and our imminent destruction as a civilization is still being prophesied by...


    FERGUSON: Holy wars breaking out all over

    In the two weeks since my last column appeared it seems as if full-scale religious conflict has broken out both locally and nationwide. There are grave issues here that are begging for me to weigh in with my perspective, so let’s get right to it.


    Ferguson: The threat that lies within

    I suppose it’s one of the rites of passage of growing older that you become more and more certain the world is going to hell in a handbasket. It seems like every day I am more convinced that our country is experiencing an unmistakable decline in collective intelligence and moral fiber and...


    FERGUSON: Obamacare and the “mark of the beast”

    Writing this column makes me something of a public figure. My email address appears in my byline every week, so anyone who wants to fire off their thoughts and opinions to me on any subject can easily do so.

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