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Bill Ferguson has lived in Middle Georgia since 1983 and currently resides in Houston County. He is a full-time software engineer employed at Robins Air Force Base and part-time freelance writer. He has been writing his editorial column since 1998, first for the Warner Robins Daily Sun and later for The Telegraph.

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    FERGUSON: A voice of reason in the political wilderness

    If you’re like me you’re already tired of the mud-slinging and nonsense that passes for political campaigning in an election year like this. And you’re probably starving for some “red meat,” where the candidates actually talk about their positions on the serious...


    FERGUSON: Confession of a modern day Neanderthal

    According to evolutionary theory, life on our planet developed through a long, slow process where random genetic mutations and natural selection gradually produced more and more complex and intelligent forms of life. Human beings are the crowning achievement of that process, and as the big “...


    FERGUSON: Government inaction at its finest

    Imagine that you have a child with a serious chronic illness, one that prevents them from living anything close to a normal life. Perhaps they have dozens of seizures every day. Or maybe they have a pain disorder which causes them to suffer constantly with headaches and body aches.


    FERGUSON: Nunn’s first punch lands below the belt

    About a year ago, I wrote a column about Michelle Nunn’s entry into the 2014 race for the US Senate in Georgia. At the time, I said that I hadn’t voted for a Democrat in a long while but I liked what I’d heard from her up to that point and would keep an open mind as the race...


    FERGUSON: What really makes us happy

    I’m sure that we were all shocked when we heard that Robin Williams had taken his own life this week. As soon as that shock wore off a bit, we probably all asked the same question: Why?


    FERGUSON: Never fear, Congress has fix for the VA

    It’s a popular sentiment these days to say that that the U.S. Congress is completely incapable of getting anything done. It is divided into two warring camps that can’t agree on anything. Plus it’s an election year for many of them, so they are much too busy campaigning to do...


    FERGUSON: The candidate who wasn’t there

    It seems there will be no mercy for Georgia voters this year. The campaign season seems to be dragging on forever and, as always, the candidates continue to insult and assault our collective intelligence with their negative campaigning.


    FERGUSON: Suing the president

    First off, I want to wish all my readers a very happy Independence Day. I believe we live in the greatest country in the world and we should all be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy, since they were purchased at such a high price by our men and women in uniform.


    FERGUSON: A house divided

    According to a recent, widely publicized report from the Pew Research center, Americans are more divided along party lines than they have been for decades. Not only have many Democrats and Republicans become more strident in the ideological leanings, according to the report, but they have also developed...


    FERGUSON: The worst trade ever

    All things considered, I haven’t been especially hard on President Barack Obama during his time in office. It’s not that I’m a fan, I just knew when he was elected that his political views were far to the left of my own and therefore I didn’t expect to care much for the...

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