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Dr. William F. Cummings is an internationally known scholar, consultant, teacher and speaker. His multi-faceted career has taken him across the United States, Europe, and the Far East, and inside the world’s most powerful corporations, as well as its most prestigious universities.

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    DR. CUMMINGS: I’m right; you’re wrong

    The most rewarding thing about writing these opinion columns is the reverse-opinion feedback that keeps appearing daily in the online edition of the paper, as well as the letters to the editor. Readers have their own opinions about politics, religion and life, and their opinions are absolutely right...


    DR CUMMINGS: How do you read your Bible?

    I was born and raised in an Irish Catholic neighborhood on the south side of Chicago where nobody read the Bible. We didn’t have to read it. Our parish priest told us everything God wanted us to know. (I wonder if it’s still that way?)


    Dr. CUMMINGS: I love Mary Magdalene

    I can’t help it; she’s hot! I mean she’s the most fascinating woman in the Bible. The four evangelists thought so, too. They mention her 12 times, more than most of the Apostles. And look what Dan Brown does in his best-selling novel the “Da Vinci Code.” He has...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Where’s the beef in your job?

    Tomorrow morning, most of you will rise, shower, put on your clothes, grab a quick bite to eat and race off to your job. Is this a happy thought or a heavy thought? Do you have real beef in your job, or is it mostly horse meat?


    DR. CUMMINGS: Prophesy and prediction

    Fortune tellers predict your future; sports writers and political pundits pick winners. Sometimes these modern day prophets hit it, and sometimes they miss completely. Old Testament prophets faced the same problems. Men like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Micah were constantly predicting the future for the...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Je Suis Charlie

    Last week, the whole world shuddered when radical Islamists slaughtered a group of Parisian journalists at their desks. We know radical Islamists recruit and train young Americans to go to the Middle East to join Al-Qaida and ISIS and then murder everyone who has a different belief.


    DR. CUMMINGS: Leading by coaching

    ‘You’re kidding me!” I said to this very intelligent executive who said her company is still using the old “yearly performance evaluations.”


    DR. CUMMINGS: Sex, politics and religion

    We know the three topics we can’t talk about in public: sex, politics and religion.


    DR. CUMMINGS: The devil, you say

    Last Sunday I wrote an article about the two stories of Christmas, one in Matthew’s gospel and the other in Luke’s, and I called them both parables. Monday morning I received a voice-mail message from a very prominent and successful attorney in town, a man I’ve known for 38 ...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Christmas as a parable

    A parable is a story with a moral. The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:20) is quoted by Christians and non-Christians alike as the “love your neighbor -- even when you hate him” story. The Prodigal Son parable (Luke 15:3) strikes home to every father with a teenage son. The ...

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