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Dr. William F. Cummings is an internationally known scholar, consultant, teacher and speaker. His multi-faceted career has taken him across the United States, Europe, and the Far East, and inside the world’s most powerful corporations, as well as its most prestigious universities.

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    DR. CUMMINGS: Examples of leadership: Richard Keil & Harriet Tubman

    Richard Keil is a white man who started the Tubman African American Museum in Macon. But that’s not all he did. He began in the ‘50s and dedicated his life to helping disadvantaged black families in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia work their way out of the segregated South and become...


    DR. CUMMINGS: The magical world of myth

    When my grandsons were seven and four, we took them to Disney World and walked into the “Sword in the Stone” ceremony. The white-bearded magician, Merlin, clothed in his purple robe, asked my two grandsons to participate. The large stone that rose beside Merlin had King Arthur’...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Pete’s no dummy

    Pete was in third grade and he couldn’t read. It hurt when other kids called him “dummy” and shoved him down on the playground. It wasn’t much better in the classroom. Miss Schmitt was a charming teacher, but she just couldn’t handle Pete’s jumpy-ness; he...


    DR. CUMMINGS: The servant leader

    We’ve had many leaders: Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton; our teachers and professors; our preachers and parents. As you look back, who was your best leader?


    DR. CUMMINGS: The magic of Midrash

    In my opinion, much of the New Testament is Midrash.


    DR. CUMMINGS: Challenging authority

    “Do it because I said so!” is a scream we’ve often heard when exasperated parents have to silence their questioning and challenging children. The kids want to know why: “Why do I have to go to school?” “Why do I have to do my homework?” “Why...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Is religion dead?

    Some people moving to Middle Georgia might easily believe that religion is dead for one of two reasons:


    DR. CUMMINGS: Those crazy paradigms

    Last Sunday in the online comment space, one of our local hospital MDs wrote a scathing attack against me -- not against my column -- stating that I had been a motivational phony for 20 years on TV, but now I was showing my true colors by belittling and degrading those who have different viewpoints...


    CUMMINGS: I apologize

    Last Sunday, I wrote a column on political correctness, and I inferred that our president lied when he rolled out his health care plan and said: “if you want to keep your doctor, you can.” The president was definitely wrong; we know that now. But was I right? Did the president really...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Politically correct

    Are you politically correct? Do you accept your 3 “P’s” without question: your president, your pastor and your press? When they lie, do you cover it up and proceed without interruption to enjoy your life of friends, church and TV?

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