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Dr. William F. Cummings is an internationally known scholar, consultant, teacher and speaker. His multi-faceted career has taken him across the United States, Europe, and the Far East, and inside the world’s most powerful corporations, as well as its most prestigious universities.

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    DR. CUMMINGS: The five emotions of change

    Consolidation means merging two separate and distinct cultures into a brand new one. The Bibb County sheriff’s deputies had their own traditions and values which were not the same as the Macon police officers, and now they’re merged into one culture that is neither county nor city. ...


    DR.CUMMINGS: Coach Bob Hoffman’s secret

    In victory: “The Mercer Bears beat Duke!!” Last week’s win over one of the nation’s top teams was stunning. The screaming in the street and in the stands was duplicated in business offices all over Middle Georgia -- not just Macon. Many companies set up big-screen TVs...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Why argue about it?

    Congressmen do nothing but argue -- back and forth across the aisle -- on radio, TV and in today’s newspaper. It’s no wonder their approval ratings are in the toilet. That’s exactly where they should be. We send these men and women to Washington, D.C., to make laws to protect...


    DR CUMMINGS: Be more than you are

    When I lived in the monastery, we used to gather in a quiet circle on Saturday evening after Vespers for a spiritual exercise called “accusations.” All of us monks would kneel down and one by one, we would “accuse” ourselves of faults in our behavior. The idea, of course...


    DR.CUMMINGS: Why apologize?

    We all make mistakes, some big, some small. Why not just move on? Why do we have to say we’re sorry? Who really cares?


    DR. CUMMINGS: What’s your job?

    Check your job description. I’ll bet it left out two important functions. Oh, I’m sure you’ll find your title and a few duties and tasks, as well as the expected results. If you’re lucky it might even tell you the purpose of your position and how it fits into the overall...


    DR. CUMMINGS: What’s your plan?

    It’s called recidivism. Commit a crime, get convicted, go to prison, serve your time, get released, then start all over again. Commit a crime, get convicted, go to prison, serve your time, get released, etc.


    DR. CUMMINGS: The word of God

    When you open your Bible, do you believe you’re reading the “word of God?” Most Christians and Jews admit that God didn’t write these words into our English Bibles, and most also admit that God didn’t whisper into the ears of the original Hebrew and Greek writers...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Five secrets to leadership

    Did you ever wonder how great leaders develop? I don’t mean selfish leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini. I mean outstanding leaders like Bill Gates and Ronald Reagan and Kirby Godsey, leaders who have made unselfish and lasting contributions to our communities.


    DR. CUMMINGS: The three faces of bias

    Sunday night everybody in Denver will be screaming for the Broncos, and everybody in Seattle will be shouting for the Seahawks. Clearly biased, both of them.

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