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Dr. William F. Cummings is an internationally known scholar, consultant, teacher and speaker. His multi-faceted career has taken him across the United States, Europe, and the Far East, and inside the world’s most powerful corporations, as well as its most prestigious universities.

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    DR. CUMMINGS; Laws are made to question

    Starting very soon, the speed limit on Interstate 75 to Atlanta will be a straight 70 mph. No more of these 55s and 65s. The law is changing. Why? Well, if you drive up to Atlanta every week like I do, you know that nobody drives 55 anymore.


    DR. CUMMINGS: Church laws, what good are they?

    Two weeks ago, I said the pope and I felt the same way about church laws. We continually ask the question: “What good are they?”


    DR. CUMMINGS: The pope and I

    Pope Francis and I have similar backgrounds. Both of us spent college and eight years of graduate school in a highly structured monastic-like atmosphere, studying the same textbooks, reading the same manuscripts, listening to the same religious instructions, chanting the Psalms in Latin, and finally...


    DR. CUMMINGS: A lot of Americans are ‘damn good’

    When you rode your donkey down this winding, treacherous road from Jerusalem to Jericho back in the 1st century, you were going from one country (Judah) to another (Samaria), and you needed to watch your back. The Jews treated the Samaritans like lepers and vice versa; they wouldn’t touch...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Who wants to be meek?

    ‘Blessed are the meek”? Not a chance. I’ve been a leadership consultant for 30 years and I have never urged one of my leaders to be “meek.” Courageous, strong, confident -- yes, but not meek. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” All ...



    The Bible is one of the most anti-feminine, “down with women” books in the library. Oh, sure, you can find passages (and even small books like Esther and Ruth) that exalt the role of certain women, but for the most part, the Hebrew and Christian Bibles are openly, blatantly misogynistic...


    BILL CUMMINGS: Hospital talk

    We should only write about what we know. I think I know hospitals. No, I’m not an expert by any means, but I think I’m qualified to talk about them. After all, I spent 10 years as the vice president of Charter Medical Corp. when we owned over 80 hospitals, and then 20 years as the ...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Mr. President, what about Sgt. Tahmooressi?

    Dear Mr. President, I know you’re busy, and I’ve waited until after your vacation to write this because I sure don’t want to interrupt your golf game again. But what about our veteran of two tours in Afghanistan? Remember? On March 31, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi accidentally drove...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Moses and delegation

    Every leader needs to learn delegation. And I mean “learn.” Just because you’re now the leader of this group, it doesn’t mean you know how to delegate. Think about it. Yesterday you were content just doing your job. Today you have to take your job, divide it up among ...


    DR. CUMMINGS: Yahweh has a strategy

    Can you be a leader without a strategy? Let’s say your market share has shrunk in half and you’re going to be forced to lay off half your staff. What’s your strategy? Or your children have just moved into a new school and they’re flunking every class. How are you going...

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