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Mercer University law professor Dave Oedel studies and teaches constitutional law, intellectual property, contracts, client counseling and the regulation of core economic activities such as transportation and banking.

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    OEDEL: Independent counsel

    They called him judge for a reason. Mercer law alumnus Griffin Bell served on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for 14 years before returning in 1976 to private law practice at King & Spalding. Later, Judge Bell was tapped by President Jimmy Carter to serve as U.S. Attorney General, a role Bell ...


    OEDEL: Mercer’s joy, Macon’s hope

    After Mercer’s upset of Duke in the NCAA’s 2014 basketball tournament, pure joy was on national display as Mercer reserve player Kevin Canevari danced his effervescent version of the “Nae-Nae.”


    OEDEL: Silence descends on the controversy involving Bibb Schools

    Many who once celebrated former Bibb school Superintendent Romain Dallemand and his Macon Miracle have now firmly, grimly clammed up. Bibb Board of Education member Ella Carter responded testily, “I’ve got no position that I want to share,” about Dallemand dealings.


    OEDEL: Deeper than Dallemand

    The accountants’ scalding audit of the Bibb County Board of Education’s spending habits under former Superintendent Romain Dallemand revealed something more than tech and social service spending run amok.


    OEDEL: Miraculous returns

    First miraculous return: Dr. Romain Dallemand, former Bibb County School superintendent, has apparently now fled back to his Haiti birthplace. After leaving Bibb’s school system under a cloud last year, Dallemand had, at least until recently, served as board chairman of School District Reform...


    OEDEL: Medicaid’s real beneficiaries

    A big legal and political issue this year in Georgia and several other states is whether to increase Medicaid’s covered population by about half. The Affordable Care Act invites such expansion. The U.S. Supreme Court now says that expansion is each states’ choice.


    OEDEL: Laws of addiction

    Georgia’s General Assembly is trying to find a responsible legal path through the confused, internally inconsistent thicket of federal marijuana law and enforcement. Meanwhile, other federally legal drugs are already wreaking havoc when abused.


    OEDEL: NPR’s Macon massacre

    Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court released Georgia and several other states from presumptive federal “preclearance” of voting adjustments. While ruling that the preclearance presumption was unconstitutionally based on outdated, pre-1973 evidence of racial unfairness, the court acknowledged...


    OEDEL: Immigration morality

    Let’s get the biggest moral issue out of the way first. It’s un-American to deport law-abiding, undocumented young people who were raised as American kids after having been brought here by one or both law-breaking parents. We don’t constitutionally impose penalties on children...


    OEDEL: Blurry pot laws

    Respected Georgia state Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, made a noticeable impact in Georgia’s legislative session by switching his tune on medical marijuana. Last Tuesday, Peake unexpectedly joined more than 85 House members in co-filing a legalization bill in Georgia’s General Assembly...

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