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Bill Ferguson has lived in Middle Georgia since 1983 and currently resides in Houston County. He is a full-time software engineer employed at Robins Air Force Base and part-time freelance writer. He has been writing his editorial column since 1998, first for the Warner Robins Daily Sun and later for The Telegraph.

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    DR. CUMMINGS: An afternoon to remember

    When I told my long-hair hippie friends in Berkeley, Calif., in the early ‘70s that I was moving my family to Macon, they said: “Cool, dude. That’s the home of the Allman Brothers.” They knew. And if you lived around Macon in 1970, you heard their music blasting out of...


    FERGUSON: Obamacare is worth saving

    This is the conclusion of my two-part experimental series where I argue opposing sides of a single issue. The topic is Obamacare, and this week I make the case that we should keep it around.


    FERGUSON: Coming from the opposition: Pull the plug on Obamacare

    In my last column I asked readers to vote to select a topic on which I would write two columns -- one from a left-wing perspective and another from the right. The winning topic was ‘Obama­care,’ and I will discuss the issue from a conservative (opposing) viewpoint this week.


    FERGUSON: Left, right, or somewhere in between?

    A few weeks ago there was a little blurb on the editorial page here listing all of The Telegraph’s regular columnists and categorizing each of us as being “on the left,” “in the middle,” or “on the right.” My name appeared in the most heavily-populated...


    FERGUSON: State wants to fool with Mother Nature

    There are some things in life that are vitally important to us that we tend to take for granted because we assume we will always have them. Take water for instance. Most of the time we use it like we can never run out of it, until we start to run out. Then it quickly becomes a very big issue.


    FERGUSON: Constitutional convention gains support in Georgia

    Back in September of last year I wrote a column where I suggested that we need to have a federal constitutional convention to generate some new amendments to help reign in the power of our increasingly oppressive federal government. And since the career politicians who haunt Washington, D.C., are...


    FERGUSON: A government success story

    Because I’ve reached the age where I think there’s never any good music on the radio I’ve been listening to more news and talk stations lately, mainly National Public Radio. I know NPR has a reputation for being pretty left wing and a lot of its reporting does seem to come down...


    FERGUSON: A conservative solution for income inequality

    Now that our president has “fixed” our health-care system with the Affordable Care Act, he seems to have set his sights on resolving another big social issue in 2014. Obama and other progressive (they don’t like to use the unpopular term “liberal” anymore) crusaders...


    FERGUSON: Duck Commander ruffles some feathers

    When I first saw the “I stand with Phil Robertson” posts popping up in my Facebook feed, I must admit my first reaction was “Phil who?” But once I looked at his picture and saw his trademark Old Testament-length beard, I knew the posts were either referring to the star...


    FERGUSON: ‘Tis the season to be offended

    This will be my last column before Christmas rolls around, so we’ll call this my special-edition holiday column. Are you offended because I called it a “holiday column” instead of a “Christmas column”? If so, read on and make sure you keep your indignation handy...

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