EDITORIAL: Long talked about roundabout on the horizon

July 18, 2014 

When all the beeping from earthmovers is done along College and Oglethorpe streets and the new roundabout is open, we hope Macon residents will grow accustomed to this underused road feature. Certainly, at the beginning, it will be confusing to many drivers, but give it a little time, and we should all get the daily hang of it.

There are a number of concerns, though, particularly around Alexander II Elementary School. The twice a day trek of parents dropping off and picking up their children made that stretch of College Street a place to avoid in the mornings and afternoons. But meetings last spring between designers, school officials and College Hill Corridor representatives may have produced the procedures -- if parents follow them -- that will ease their task and that of other drivers trying to maneuver through the area.

The opening of school Aug. 1 will be a difficult time for parents, teachers and administrators. Somewhere between 260 and 280 students, many of them coming to school for the first time, will stretch everyone’s patience. Some of that ire will be directed at the roundabout construction. Because the construction schedule has the roundabout opening near the end of August, parents will park near where they parked last year when construction began. The lot in front of the Tattnall Square Tennis Center no longer exists, but there are two large paved parking lots just a few steps away. When the roundabout opens, parents will actually be able to park in front of the school without disturbing traffic flows, and that will be a welcome change for everyone. The next roundabout, at the intersection of Thomaston Road and Lamar Road will be Macon’s third. The title of Macon’s first roundabout belongs to the Macon Mall at the Eisenhower Parkway entrance.

Pretty soon, there may be a roundabout near you. For that, we can thank Lindsay Holliday.

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