Your Garden Guy: What to plant to attract butterflies

July 17, 2014 

• Wow! Butterflies are great in the garden. Use these plants in your garden to attract butterflies: lantana, clethera, zinnia, nicotina, buddleia, purplecone flower, Joe-pye weed, abelia, goldenrod, phlox, sunflower and vitex.

• Time to get out in the garden and cut back old flowers on annuals and perennials. Add a little fertilizer, too.

• Hydrangea “Peegee” is a white flowering hydrangea. More stiff and upright, this hydrangea adds midsummer blooms. It prefers sun to partial shade. Cut back after flowering or in the winter months because this shrub blooms on new growth.

• Now is the time to prune fading flowers from crape Myrtles to encourage a second flush of blooms.

• To prevent a major disaster, dedicate one pump sprayer for herbicide (weed killer) use only. Use a permanent marker and write it on the sprayer.

• Yes, you can plant container-grown plants from the nursery during the hot summer months. Just remember to water every day for two weeks, and every other day for two more weeks.

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