Panhandler: 'I have cancer, please help'

jkovac@macon.comJuly 16, 2014 

On June 19, a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy saw a guy panhandling along Interstate 16’s Spring Street off-ramp. Back and forth the fellow walked, holding up a cardboard sign, which read, “I have cancer, please help. I need $.”

When the panhandler spotted the deputy, he tried hide his sign.

The deputy drove off but returned to the exit ramp soon after to find the panhandler back at it. The deputy, who knew the 37-year-old panhandler from prior encounters, asked the fellow why he was begging.

“Man,” he replied, “I just need money.”

The deputy cited him for panhandling. Before driving away, the deputy asked the guy if he really had cancer.

“No I don’t,” the panhandler said.

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