July 16, 2014 

Means, Elijah Alan, born June 20 to Desiree Means of Warner Robins.

Shaw, Avery Chanel, born June 20 to Shanythia Shaw of Byromville.

Trumet, Ivee Ann Baker, born June 20 to Kimberly (Nye) Baker and Bryan Trumet of Warner Robins.

Smith, Lyla Jayde, born June 21 to Steven and Megan (Harrell) Smith of Dublin.

Cyphers, Karson Gayle Renee, born June 22 to Stephen and LaQuisha (Calhoun) Cyphers of Warner Robins.

Galbreath, Zoey Marie, born June 22 to Courtney Rose and Brian Galbreath of Bonaire.

Callahan, Sofia Grace, born June 23 to Marie D’Angelo and Matthew Callahan of Bonaire.

Cross, Drew Robert, born June 23 to Brad and Heather (Visker) Cross of Warner Robins.

Mordew, Benton James, born June 23 to Staci Mordew of Bonaire.

Osborne, Aubree Alana, born June 23 to Ayana Osborne of Warner Robins.

Sinyard, Scarlett Leigh, born June 23 to Jason and Jordan (Turner) Sinyard of Hawkinsville.

Toney, Sarah Marie, born June 23 to Ashley Hunter and Anthony Toney Jr. of Warner Robins.

Turnbull, Kevin Michael, born June 23 to Bryan and Lisa (Crosby) Turnbull of Allentown.

Gautney, Laynia Lee, born June 24 to Derek and Amy (Davenport) Gautney of Warner Robins.

Lister, Aubree Mae, born June 24 to Steven and Brittany (Bennett) Lister of Macon.

Mariscal, Keri Len, born June 24 to Lenin and Regina (Bowen) Mariscal of Warner Robins.

Walton, Mesiah Amir, born June 24 to Darryle and Latecia (Brown) Walton of Perry.

Williams, Joda Blane III, born June 25 to Tiffany Statham and Joda B. Williams II of Warner Robins.

Wright, Jackson Alexander, born June 25 to Jessica DeFebbo and Chris Wright of Warner Robins.

Baker, Dalstin Robert, born June 26 to Amber White and Devin Baker of Byron.

Banks, Aziyah Ka’lonni, born June 26 to Keona Adams and Demarcus Banks of Warner Robins.

Bird, Rowan Alexander, born June 26 to Steven and Jessica (Swecker) Bird of Centerville.

Guilford, Kennon Latrell, born June 26 to Tiffany (Leach) Guilford and Kenneth Guilford Jr. of Warner Robins.

Linn, JoHanna Ivy, born June 26 to Sarah Patterson and William Trevor Linn of Warner Robins.

Quanton, Robdreckious Jamar Jr., born June 26 to Shinika Wilson and Robdreckious Quanton of Warner Robins.

Durant, Margaret Baize, born June 27 to Brandon and Leah (Pauley) Durant of Kathleen.

Gerlock, Isabella Grace, born June 27 to David and Jennifer (Strother) Gerlock of Warner Robins.

Palmer, Lila Jane, born June 27 to Elaina Sablan and Brent Palmer of Warner Robins.

Rozier, Abigail Grace, born June 27 to Alex and Tonya (Turner) Rozier of Byron.

Sorrow, Sadie Mae, born June 27 to John Hank and Tiffany (Flanders) Sorrow of Warner Robins.

Vickers, Ella Rose, born June 27 to Eric and Christy (Carr) Vickers of Hawkinsville.

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