EDITORIAL: Terminal Station deal good for MTA and county

July 11, 2014 

On initial consideration, it seems the proposal to turn the Terminal Station over to the Macon Transit Authority is a great one for both entities. While the 98-year-old building has been refurbished, maintenance on such a facility is a daunting and possibly expensive task.

The MTA has been maintaining the building for some time under contract so it knows what it is getting into. And, in order for it to recoup its costs that exceed rents from the federal government, it has to own the building. The same holds true for any transportation grants that might help address the serious condition of the basement area that is out of sight but critical to the viability of a building that used to handle 100 train arrivals a day.

The county, by virtue of its responsibility to name MTA board members, still maintains some influence and the savings from utilities and maintenance will go straight to the bottom line.

MTA has made a big commitment to the building. It is the major transfer point for the transit system. About the only agency that might not be pleased with the arrangement is the Department of Driver Services that would have to start paying rent when the building’s ownership is transferred to the MTA.

The Terminal Station is one of the county’s signature buildings and frames all of Cherry Street. The MTA has maintained it to the best of its ability and we see no reason for that to change in the future.

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