OPINION: All here because of a merciful God

Special to The TelegraphJuly 10, 2014 

Surprise, surprise, another so-called Christian on their soapbox, bashing people who do not follow their faith of hate, prejudice and exclusions, especially those who do not march to the beat of their drummed prejudice.

Anthony Smith needs to realize this is not a Christian town, country, nation or world and never will be. It is a nation founded on religious freedom and many died to make this a reality. Many lie in their graves not from any acquired diseases, but from sacrificing their God given lives in battle so that we may have the freedom to practice the faith of our own choice, whether it be Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism or any other non-Christian faith. Were they just fighting for Protestant Christians, Evangelicals, Baptists, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexuals, blacks, Jews, Asians or even the Orthodox, Roman Catholics or Mormons?

The Christians who intimidate, browbeat, judge and bring their hatreds to the public arena are the very reason why religion is being suppressed in this country now. They have become a hate group and insist everyone believe as they do.

Christians seem to be obsessed with sex. That is all they talk about in Viewpoints, especially homosexuals. Marriage is not all about sex, whether it be a heterosexual or homosexual, but it is about loving one another unconditionally and being faithful to the one you love and sharing everything together. Sodom and Gormmorah was never destroyed just because of homosexuality, but because of their “disobedience” to God. Sex had nothing to do with it, but the preachers love to use this scripture incorrectly, because it works up a good shout.

Their are numerous books of sacred scripture other than the Bible of the Christians. There is the Torah, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita and many more. They are just as sacred to the people who believe in that faith as the Christians believe in the Bible. Do you hear other religions or other non-Christian people of faith, brow-beating, intimidating or using hate speech?

If Smith would like to rid the world of homosexuals, he needs to convince heterosexual parents to stop having homosexual babies. Homosexuality is not a brain disorder, mental disability, deficiency or demonic curse, as proven by medical science many years ago. Heterosexuals give birth to gay children, and after they find out their child is gay, some parents kick them out of the home, disowning them and shaming them into living their life shunned by family and their God.

Many of these so-called Christians believe gay people are perverts and child molesters, but most pedophiles are married white men, living with their families.

Just like the right to an abortion right, Christians will not win this battle over the freedom to love and marry whom you wish. The good thing for everyone who truly loves God is, there are really loving Christians communities that are accepting, loving and inclusive. They don’t exclude any race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or anyone else. Every life has value, dignity and worth and is loved by a gracious all-loving, merciful God.

J.M. Bass is a resident of Macon.

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