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July 10, 2014 

No big deal

Cathy Gill’s letter denouncing the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case mirrors what we’re seeing and hearing in most of the post-decision media coverage. She says she’s appalled that Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to provide female employees subsidized birth control through its group health insurance plan.

What’s not being covered in most media reports is that Hobby Lobby’s plan covers all 16 contraceptive devices and drugs mandated by Obamacare. What the Supreme Court agreed it does not have to cover are four abortive devices, which include the “morning after” and the “week after” pills. One effect of these methods is to prevent eggs that have already been fertilized from implanting in the uterus. In the kindest terms, they prevent existing life from maturing.

Contraception refers to a drug, device, practice, etc., that prevents conception, not something that works after conception. Hobby Lobby’s health plan will continue to cover all of the mandated forms of contraception. Women who choose to use methods that work after conception can still obtain those forms of “birth control” but Hobby Lobby won’t be forced to subsidize them.

-- Steve Wooley


Just the facts

I read the July 2 letter in the letters section about the “War on women” and I sure hope she doesn’t vote as uninformed as she is. The suit she referred to is Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby and the fact that Hobby Lobby believes that the Affordable Care Act forces them to pay for contraception that goes against their religious beliefs. It’s not that Hobby Lobby doesn’t pay for contraception, they do, as they provide health care for their employees.

This lawsuit is about four of the 20 contraceptive pills mandated by HHS that their religious beliefs prevent them from supplying to their employees. Those four pills prevent a fertilized egg from attaching itself to the womb which the owners of Hobby Lobby equate to abortion and against their religious beliefs. I think the court ruled correctly. President Obama is way outside the realm of his duties in the executive branch to change laws as he sees fit whenever he doesn’t like the way things are going. Just the facts ma’am.

-- Steve Barker

Warner Robins

Keep them out

When the governors of Texas and Arizona complain about illegal aliens crossing into their states from Mexico, the people should respond. Our response should say “Do something about it.” The states should obtain a grant from the federal government and build a fence between their border and Mexico. Useless words fail to solve this type of problem. Wood and concrete and steel work better. I say build the fence. They need to get the wire, the treated fence posts, the concrete and the staples and get state employees out there building the fence. Government officials can crow all they want about the cost of such a project, but it is much less expensive to keep illegals out, as opposed to furnishing governmental services for the illegal aliens later.

-- Steven Harrell


No ‘sweat rag’

I was very much dismayed when I picked up my copy of The Telegraph and saw, on the front page, a picture of a young man with an American Flag draped over his head and around his body. The title of this article lead me to assume that the young man was using the flag of our country to wipe the sweat during the soccer match he was watching.

I do not lay the blame on the young man because he is a product of the times that we are living in that shows no respect for our flag or anything else to symbolize the greatness of this country. In an age where even our president has no respect for this flag, then what can we expect from our young people?

I do, however, blame The Telegraph for printing such a disgusting picture. Consider the feelings of all the active and retired military in this area and the families of those who have given their all in the defense of our country.

It is ironic that you would publish such a photo at a time that we are to be celebrating the birth of the United States of America. I have the utmost respect for this flag and I pray that it will always wave above this country and that it will never be used as a “sweat rag.”

-- Jere Crumley


‘Woe is me’

I would like, just for once, to read an opinion from Catherine Meeks on people taking responsibility for their criminal actions. Meeks can throw all the numbers and figures out there for The Telegraph to print and it will not change the bottom line: you do the crime, you do the time.

Maybe Meeks can enlighten us as to why so many young men of “color” are behind bars. If she has proof that there is a “new form of Jim Crow,” then put it out there for someone to investigate. I’m sure a few so called “reverends” we all know would be glad to fill their bank accounts because of those accusations. Are our law enforcement officers, the detectives who investigate these crimes and finally, the courts, all in cahoots to fill our prisons with young black men? Meeks could better spend her time reaching out to that segment of our society she assumes is under attack and urge them to take responsibility for their actions. That includes the parents of all the juveniles incarcerated. Get rid of the “woe is me” attitude and quit blaming the system. And while Meeks is at it, she should try losing the mention of “color” every time she writes something.

-- Ron Renno


What no correction?

I must comment on Cathy Gill’s letter in Wednesday’s Viewpoints. She stated that she is appalled by the decision of the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby decision. She wrote that Hobby Lobby did not want to “cover its female employees with birth control under its health insurance programs.” This is patently false thus making her entire letter moot. However, she is not the only person I have heard make that statement about Hobby Lobby not wanting to cover birth control.

I am a news junkie and I flipped stations off and on all day beginning immediately after the SCOTUS ruling. Liberals on CNN, HLN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, AOL and Yahoo News, and even a couple of liberal pundits on Fox News have all said the same thing without anyone attempting to correct them. (Fox being the only exception.) They have continued this on through today and I think that in typical liberal fashion, they think that if they tell the lie often enough people will believe it’s true and they will get more believers and followers which translates to more voters.

-- J.D. Spence

Warner Robins

A few points

When President Obama initially took office the Dow Jones average was around 8,000, it’s now approaching 17,000. The budget deficit was 1.3 trillion dollars, it’s now around $440 billion. Some folks have referred to President Obama as a socialist. The last time I checked the rich are richer and the poor are still poor. Some socialist.

After watching the events in Iraq it seems old Saddam Hussein kept a lid on things a whole lot better than the folks running things over there now.

The ramifications of Georgia’s guns every (where) law is now becoming evident.

Municipalities will have to spend lots of money for screeners and detectors or risk possible litigation if the unspeakable happens. Imagine going to your daughter’s soccer game or your son’s baseball game and encounter some joker with an assault rifle on their shoulder. You don’t know if they are good or bad guys because neither you nor law enforcement can question them concerning the weapon (unless they do something illegal). I won’t even go into people traveling in Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport and seeing folks with assault rifles in the terminal.

-- John Smith

Warner Robins

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