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July 9, 2014 

Stolen black pot

After reading about the Green Egg thefts, it is not only “backyard” thefts, it is also front yard thefts. From my house to the end of the driveway, is maybe a block. I have trees, but all of the yard is clear. I have a rock garden on the back side of the mailbox and HAD a big cast iron black pot hanging on a frame which was embedded in concrete in the ground. It was full of dirt and weighed between 200 pounds and 300 pounds. It had my house number on it in white paint.

One day last week I went to get the paper and there was no pot, just the frame and chains. They had to steal it at night. They had to have a truck and at least two or three people to carry it. They did not brother with the several large figurines. I am thinking they took it for scrap iron to sell. Took a can of black paint and went over the house numbers.

So whoever you are, I always heard what goes around comes back around. So you will get yours, sooner or later, and you will remember the black cast iron pot you stole from Rainey Road.

-- Anne Stone


Both ways?

Maya Peterson was the first black student body president of the Lawrenceville School near Princeton -- the most expensive prep school in the country. She was asked to step down from her presidency in June amid racial tensions brought on by her “mocking” white male students on Instagram. “In March when she was a senior, she posed as a typical “Lawrenceville boi” -- wearing a Yale sweatshirt and duck boots, holding a hockey stick. It’s hashtagged #romney2016, #confederate, and #peakedinhighschool.

In a portion of her own defense, she said, it had always been “her aim to reach out to minorities who felt overlooked on campus.” That I can understand -- if I were her, I would do likewise, just not the same way. However, that is where the comprehension of her actions ends for me.

Why, did she use “#confederate” as part of the hash tag? If she meant to insult my heritage, well she did. I doubt that Peterson knows anything about the Confederacy outside of the biased smattering found in textbooks.

The term is unjustly a synonym for racist Southern white culture. If a lie is repeated often enough, it is regarded as truth. Lawrenceville School is in New Jersey. How many people, of any race, in that state regard the Confederacy with affection, respect or devotion? Who was she attacking?

Any race is capable of being discriminatory and excessively cruel to any other race. Maya Peterson aptly demonstrated that racism, indeed, flows both ways.

-- John Wayne Dobson


Aggravated whining

Am I my own “hate” group? The world seems to be rapidly filling with endless hordes of spectacularly ignorant sphincters surrounded by a void. I’m not willing, by a long shot, to accept their determinations over the quality and correctness of my life, speech and thoughts, followed by legislation to enforce their harebrained viewpoints. Are you?

If the faceless mob decides you are an unacceptable disturbance in their farce, what can you do about it? I’m not seeing a great many viable options beyond relentlessly pointing out the foolishness of fools.

With fireworks day coming up, it calls to mind that the eruptions of central planning drones -- progressives, whateverists -- when determinedly called out and exposed to unvarnished reality, can be highly entertaining bio-pyrotechnics. Until such time as it becomes imperative that something needs to be done about them to alleviate us by whatever measure seems prudent, of such grievous annoyances. Can we get that aggravating whining noise to just stop?

-- Michael Kilpatrick


Folks ranting

Ever since the Supreme Court came out with its decision, all I see and hear is folks ranting about it eliminating birth control medication. As I see the ruling, it only concerned four of the 20 drugs specified in Obamacare.

These four are all more of an abortion drug and probably should not be included in the Obama insurance law in the first place. So with the other drugs there should be adequate meds to cover most women and help them prevent undesired pregnancies.

-- Ken Cloud

Warner Robins

Neighborhood Watch

Recently, I was working in my backyard and noticed Fred, a local yardman, go into my neighbors’ outside storage room and take their lawn mower. He didn’t mow their grass, but he did edge for them. He mowed a little in the backyard and then he went to the front yard and after a few minutes when I didn’t hear the mower, I went to see why not. Fred was up the street mowing another person’s yard. I called my neighbor and asked her if he had permission to use her mower. She said he didn’t and this was the second time he took her mower without asking since the lock to her storage room was broken. She said she would have a talk with him.

When Fred brought the mower back, I asked him if he had permission. He said he did, so I told him I knew he was lying. To my utter surprise he told me to “mind my own business.” I set him straight about how Neighborhood Watch works. I also told him I had noticed my Liriope in my front yard was thinned out recently without my permission since I had seen several springs lying in my yard. Fred got real excited and said “I did it, I did it.”

I alerted my neighbors since I felt they needed to know Fred was looking for opportunity. If we don’t look out for each other, who will?

-- Cherry Horton



After seeing Jack Kingston and David Perdue eviscerate each other in campaign ads Michelle Nunn is looking more and more a viable alternative.

-- William D. Carter


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