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July 8, 2014 

Going back in time

My husband, Gene, and I visit his mom and dad each summer in July. We left Georgia on July 2, 1994, arriving in Pennsylvania on July 3. On July 4, I turned on “Good Morning America” and the first thing on the screen was Liz Jarvis saying “12 inches of rain in Macon.” I immediately called our upstairs apartment neighbor who was cat sitting for us and got no answer. We lived in Sandpiper Apartments on Leisure Lake Drive at the time. When we finally did connect with our neighbor, she told us the apartments had been evacuated due to the dam breaking and Leisure Lake was the only road in or out. Our building was on a hill, fortunately, so we had no damage. The story was covered each day for several days. The lake was drained for many years, a weed/tree infested eyesore. We still have The Telegraphs showing all the flooding and devastation. It was a memory we’ll never forget.

-- Sherry Lazzaro

Warner Robins

Where are the leaders?

According to former Commissioner Lonzy Edwards, an attorney, all the blame is rightly placed on whites. What is closer to the truth is his failures along with the group of 500 and the entire leadership of blacks in Macon.

The proud name of Tubman, as in the museum founded in her name, is an absolute example of the lack of cohesion in black Macon. A white elephant if there ever was one. It is now basically a financial nightmare on the taxpayers of Macon, of which 75 percent of taxes provided are from whites. Is it our fault we have gangs, 50 percent dropout rate, drug use, murders, fatherless children, poverty, a huge prison population, or that 40 percent to 60 percent cannot read?

What has Edwards and those current and former councilmen and women done to reverse the blights of Macon? The answer is nothing. Macon and Bibb County are known for our poverty, crime and educational failures far and wide. While blacks controlled it all we fell to all-time lows.

Edwards does not realize why our population is falling. The above reasons have driven those who could leave to leave. Not being a saint or a preacher, I find Edward’s failure to utilize his extensive educational talents and being a preacher, as close to total failures as humanly possible. Had I had space I would have more clearly addressed the failures of black leaders.

-- Joe Hubbard



I am not Catholic, but did Bill Cummings compare not being made to wear a seat belt to choosing not to believe the Bible about some of the clearest tenets such as homosexuality, divorce and women priests? It is a completely different thing to question the word of man on issues than to question the written word of God on what is expected. I do not know about the president of Mercer writing a book. But what would be the point in engaging with Kirby Godsey about it? It is quite obvious where Godsey stands on a couple of these issues from his recent article about gay marriage after the Mount de Sales teacher was fired. These “men who are far more theologically brilliant” are part of the problem. They will be held to account if they mislead people.

In this day, the word is written for all to read and some of the things these “brilliant” men question are not open to interpretation. No man is the smartest man in the room when he has the Bible in the same room. Don’t overthink it.

-- D.T. Wallace


Good guys/bad guys

This is for the citizens concerned about the new carry law. The new law allows law-abiding citizens with a carry permit to carry weapons where previously only criminals would have weapons. Yes, criminals have always carried guns wherever they pleased, unless there was a security guard or metal detector present. Why would it bother you to have a good guy there with a gun also?

If your response is, “I don’t want to be in the middle of a shoot-out,” well guess what? The bad guy has put you there whether you like it or not. Unless the bad guy with a gun takes his own life, the only thing that is going to stop him is a good guy with a gun. Police cannot be everywhere all the time. More times than not, by the time the police arrive, most of the carnage has been done. Picture yourself with your family in a restaurant, theater, church or any other public place. A criminal walks in and opens fire killing people at random. If a good guy with a legal carry permit is there and has a gun he is positively your best chance of getting out of there alive. If I am there and I don’t have a gun, I will be praying there is a good guy present who has a gun and knows how to use it. If the bad guy doesn’t show up, you will never know there was a good guy with a gun because there would be no need for him to show his weapon.

A law-abiding citizen with a gun is not a threat to other law-abiding citizens, only to criminals. By definition, a law-abiding citizen cannot shoot another law-abiding citizen unless purely accidental and that does happen, but not anywhere near the frequency that law-abiding citizens are shot by criminals. I took an oath to preserve life and if I ever use my gun (I have a carry permit) in defense of myself, my family or any innocent bystander, I will be doing exactly that. I am not referring to “iffy” situations. I mean clear cut circumstances where you do or die.

Private businesses can put up signs declaring “no weapons allowed” (and there is nothing wrong with that if they have an armed guard to provide security). This will only keep out law-abiding citizens who choose to carry. Law-abiding citizens are not the problem. Have your neighbor on either side of you put up a sign stating “this property is protected by Smith & Wesson.” When the bad guys come, please get back to me and let me know how that worked for you.

Remember, an armed citizen is a citizen. An unarmed citizen is a subject. Our forefathers who drafted the Constitution knew exactly what they were doing.

-- Harold Sims, M.D.


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