Grisamore: Monday trivia cranks up the heat

July 6, 2014 

Floods. Books. Movies. Music. Soccer.

All the bases are covered in Monday Morning Trivia.

Ladies and gentlemen, sharpen your pencils.

1. On the same weekend in July 1994 when Middle Georgia was dealing with the flood, this movie was released in theaters. It was filmed in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina and became the top-grossing motion picture in North America that year, winning six Academy Awards. What was the name of it?

(A) “Angels in the Outfield.” (B) “The Shawshank Redemption.” (C) “Forrest Gump.” (D) “Dumb & Dumber.’’

2. Although this Macon native never played in the World Cup, he was the first American-born player to sign with the Atlanta Chiefs professional soccer team in 1970. He is more well-known for being an astronaut. What was his name?

(A) John Glenn. (B) Neil Armstrong. (C) Alan Shepard. (D) Sonny Carter.

3. Hugh Landrum’s auto shop in Macon became the nation’s first franchise for which company on April 20, 1956?

(A) Midas Muffler. (B) Goodyear Tire. (C) Jiffy Lube. (D) Sear’s Automotive.

4. According to The Weather Channel, which month in Macon has the highest average temperature (93 degrees) and highest average rainfall (4.95 inches)?

(A) June. (B) July. (C) August. (D) September.

5. Singer Wayne Cochran, who was born in Thomaston, was known as the “White Knight of Soul’’ in the 1960s because of his snow-white pompadour and lavish outfits. He moved to Macon in 1963, where he was inspired by which soul singer, who cut his first record here?

(A) James Brown. (B) Buster Brown. (C) Red Brown. (D) Charlie Brown.

6. The town of Milan, named after the famous city in northern Italy, straddles which two counties in Middle Georgia?

(A) Bibb and Monroe. (B) Crawford and Peach. (C) Dodge and Telfair. (D) Dooly and Crisp.

7. Gordon State College in Barnesville went by what name when it was founded in 1852?

(A) Georgia Institute of Technicality. (B) The Male and Female Seminary. (C) Lamar County Agricultural, Astronomy and Art Institute. (D) Old Harris College.

8. The most famous book by Macon author Harry Stillwell Edwards was published in 1920 and has sold more than 3 million copies. Parts of it first appeared in the Macon Evening News, where Edwards was a co-owner and served as editor. What was the name of the book?

(A) “To Kill a Hummingbird.” (B) “Look Homeward, Angel.’’ (C) “God’s Little Acre.’’ (D) “Eneas Africanus.’’

9. The first garden club in America was founded in 1891 in which Georgia city?

(A) Camilla. (B) Flowery Branch. (C) Athens. (D) Greenville.

10. The G-8 Summit, an annual meeting of the leaders of the world’s eight most-powerful nations, was held 10 years ago in the summer of 2004 on which Georgia island?

(A) Amelia Island. (B) Jekyll Island. (C) Tybee Island. (D) Sea Island.

ANSWERS: (1) C. (2) D. (3) A. (4) B. (5) A. (6) C. (7) B. (8) D. (9) C. (10) D.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Hot and spicy. (7-8) Sweet and sour. (5-6) Mild and creamy. (3-4) Needs salt. (0-2) Heartburn Hotel.

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