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July 6, 2014 

Boeing watch

Soon, the Boeing plant in Macon will be closing due to many reasons that only Boeing knows. The loss of this plant in Macon means that the employees working here will lose their jobs after so many years of working there.

Boeing has suppliers all over the world making aircraft and helicopter parts, and it cannot keep this little plant in operation? They have piecemealed this plant and the old Boeing plant down the road since it opened in the ‘70s. I went to work there in 1981, and it was feast or famine. It was a great place to work, but we never got the leadership to keep it producing the parts and assemblies Boeing needed.

It seems to me that our two United States senators and the congressman representing our district could demand that Boeing keep and support this facility with work to keep the Boeing plant open. They have just sent some work to India that this local facility was producing. The Charleston plant needs some help producing the new 787; why not give Macon a chance to produce some parts and assemblies? Boeing will be needing the votes from our two senators and our representatives to keep our current contracts and for future contracts for new airplanes and equipment. Do we have two senators now? I have not heard from one in more than two years.

It is time for our representatives to stand up for people in our district and state. Why can’t Boeing keep this little plant in Macon? Send down some qualified persons to run and keep it. These people there today are qualified with a little supervision to produce, manufacture and assemble aircraft and helicopter sub-assemblies. Please do something before they take the flag down and move the memorial markers. Boeing Georgia and McDonnell Douglas will be no more.

-- Sherman E. White

Warner Robins

Not racial

I am a concerned citizen of Gordon. Don’t make this a racial issue. If Mary Ann Whipple-Lue had wanted to do right, she would have attended all the council meetings while she was running to learn how to run a meeting. From the time she was elected until the time she was sworn in, she could have learned a lot. But no, she wanted to rule instead of govern.

1. She wanted to make her husband city manager, which is a no-no conflict of interest.

2. She refused to work with council (writing checks that were not approved).

3. She wanted to vote when she did not have a vote.

4. She changed locks that didn’t need changing.

I could go on and on, but she has proved she should not be mayor. This is not racial. Gordon has three blacks on council now.

-- J.T. Moore


Not about me

To all who feel the need to respond to my letter criticizing the Warner Robins Police Department, I am not the speeder that this newspaper led you to believe with the title of my letter. I am also not talking about all of the idiots who choose to leave home at the last minute only to be met with long, aggravating lines at the gates going onto the base (which aren’t so bad anymore). I am also not talking about the dummies who speed through school zones. What I am talking about is Saturday mornings about 8 a.m. You have two WRPD cars, two Houston County patrol cars and a Georgia State Patrol car thrown in for good measure. They are set up to catch folks entering and leaving the base on the overpass at the Russell gate.

Most likely, at this time of the morning on that day of the week, it will be active duty military and retirees who will be caught. I have not received a speeding ticket. I choose to obey the speed limit. I am also not condoning anyone who does break this law. However, I still believe law enforcement could find better things to do at this time of day.

I work very hard every day to contribute to this area, where I was born and raised. I cannot and will not speak for everyone else. I also worked as a waitress for 15 years before I committed myself to the asylum we all call Robins Air Force Base.

-- Nicky Bruno

Warner Robins

Collecting data

Let me suggest before the Macon-Bibb County commissioners charge off in all directions building fortresses at every government office to protect our public servants from lawful concealed weapon carriers, a simple study be conducted by The Telegraph. The cost would be nil and the results valid beyond reproach.

Beginning July 1, the newspaper should start a front page addition of a small box about two inches square divided into two columns. The first column would be titled “Shootings by licensed carriers” and the second column titled “Shootings by unlicensed carriers.” All shootings in our bailiwick would be entered daily by The Telegraph staff in the appropriate column as collected from the sheriff’s office and other sources. At the end of 12 months, our commissioners would have sensible data on which to base expenditures for government building safety and at a cost far less than any consulting firm would offer.

Let’s determine if we have a problem with carriers shooting up public buildings before those holding the key to our tax coffers begin to throw bundles of taxpayer dollars at what may be nothing but windmills.

-- John G. Kelley Jr.


Only 20 percent

I, too, am “unbelievably appalled,” not at the Supreme Court ruling regarding Hobby Lobby as is Cathy Gill, of Warner Robins, but at the failure of The Telegraph editors to correct the blatant misinformation regarding that ruling as fed to the public by the mainstream media.

Hobby Lobby objected to providing only four of 20 FDA approved means of birth control as a violation of its right to the free exercise of religion. That is one in five, or 20 percent. Only those four are considered abortifacients but they continue to be available to women, just not mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Birth control is a choice and all FDA approved methods were available to women before this decision and continue to be after it.

-- Samuel P. Jones


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