AC Pup’s Pound Pals looking forward to freedom

July 4, 2014 

Happy Independence Day weekend! I hope you all heeded my suggestions about keeping your furbabies safe and inside if possible during the holiday fireworks. Please realize that there may be more fireworks this weekend, so please keep your fuzzy family members safe.

As I have said for years, neither dogs nor cats are crazy about loud noises such as fireworks and thunder. It can make even the most loyal, stable pet run away and become lost.

And both fireworks and thunder are easy hazards to anticipate. There will be fireworks for most holidays, and thunderstorms are usually predicted in advance.

So if you know scary sounds are coming, please make sure your pets are secure. And keep in mind during fireworks or storms that being enclosed in a fence is not a secure place to be. A scared pet will figure out how to escape a fence.

Yes, we’re celebrating Independence Day this weekend. I’m enjoying it, and I hope you are too.

I want to tell you about another independence event that’s coming up this week. As you may recall, I hinted a few weeks ago that my nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, had some exciting news on the horizon.

We’re planning independence for lots of dogs next week! CARES, my dad, Van VanDeWalker, and Shane Smith, the man who goes around the country conducting “pardons” in animal control shelters, will embark on a new pardon July 7-11.

A pardon at an animal control shelter is where the director enters into an agreement with Shane that no adoptable healthy animal will be euthanized. And Shane will strive to get every animal out of the shelter during the time frame of the agreement.

We will be making history by hosting a simultaneous pardon at both Monroe County Animal Control and Jones County Animal Control, beginning Monday.

This will be the second time we’ve made history with pardons. You see, my dad signed the first pardon ever done in our nation when we worked with animal control in Macon. He and Shane signed the agreement and then my group, CARES, worked like dogs promoting every dog and cat in the building. We made it successful with the help of all the wonderful rescue groups.

We can experience the same success with both Monroe and Jones County animal controls this week. We need your help and the help of every rescue group to get these wonderful pets into new homes.

Take a look on my Facebook page at to see the beauties at each facility. Help us get the word out about them by promoting them to your friends and family.

And take a ride to Monroe County Animal Control, located at 157 L. Cary Bittick Drive in Forsyth, and to Jones County Animal Control, at 395 Eatonton Highway in Gray. Both locations are just up the road from you!

CARES, my dad and Shane continue blazing trails any way we can to help homeless animals. We invite you to come along and join us.

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