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July 4, 2014 

Reactions to Gill letter

Like Cathy Gill of Warner Robins, I, too, am appalled. But, I am appalled at the absolute ignorance evidenced by some people about this Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby. The decision does not have anything to do with birth control -- only who should pay for it. Women are free to use any birth control method they wish. Period. However, Hobby Lobby has decided not to pay for the four devices they consider devices for abortion -- not birth control. Hobby Lobby will pay for 16 different methods of birth control, and have been doing so for many years.

There are other alternatives to the Supreme Court decision which have been carefully outlined in the decision. One is to seek employment somewhere else. If you expect someone to pay for a promiscuous lifestyle, don’t work for Hobby Lobby. Simple, isn’t’ it? Or a third option would be to simply abstain from activities which might result in pregnancy.

-- Bob Hubbard



Would someone please take the cup of Kool-Aid away from Cathy Gill and please don’t let her keep reading the liberal talking points. Everyone who watches the liberal propaganda, MSNBC, CNN and ABC, would know that out of around 30 birth control methods, Hobby Lobby does not want to pay for four of them because they believe they can cause the woman to abort her fetus. If my math skills are still good that leaves around 26 left for women to choose from. What part of that did she not understand? The only party that has a war on women is the Democrats and the ones who believe otherwise. It makes me wonder if they are even smart enough to vote without someone to read the ballot for them?

-- David Owen



I’m afraid that Cathy Gill has succumbed to the misinformation and lies being spread about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. It does not prevent women from obtaining birth control. Hobby Lobby will still provide 16 different methods of birth control through its company provided health-care plan. It will no longer be required to pay those they consider to be abortification drugs that they believe are in conflict with their religious belief.

This does not interfere with any of their employees paying for them on their own. In fact, women in this country are still free to purchase and use any birth control method they choose. So they are actually complying with Gill’s wishes for them to not interfere with women’s birth control options.

Thankfully, this ruling affirms the First Amendment and prevents bureaucrats from making regulatory decisions without considering the law and the Constitution. And lastly, this ruling also affirms the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton and approved by Congress with only three dissenting votes. So women’s rights are not being impacted at all.

-- Eric Blazi

Warner Robins


I’m furious at the Democratic Party and its uneducated voters like Cathy Gill who insist on lying to the American people as evidenced in Gill’s Wednesday letter to Viewpoints. Hobby Lobby provides 16 forms of birth control in its employee health plan out of the 20 dictated by the government health plan. If a woman is stupid enough not to find an acceptable form of birth control from 16 being offered, she should stop complaining and insist that her male partner use condoms.

There is no war on women in America. It’s just a rallying call by the liberal progressive Democratic Party to an uninformed public. America is doomed if we don’t start challenging the lies because the national media certainly isn’t doing its part to educate the public.

-- Bill Jackson


The U.S. Supreme Court decision affects:

• Plan B “morning-after pill”

• Ella “morning-after pill”

• Hormonal and copper intrauterine devices (IUDs)

The decision does not affect:

• Most birth control pills

• Condoms

• Sponges

• Sterilization

-- Editor

I back Jack

Harry Truman famously said “If you want a friend in Washington get a dog.” It’s funny, but I never found it to be entirely true. I did find friends in Washington -- men and women of honor and conviction. Jack Kingston was one.

I’ve known Jack since we were both involved in building the Republican Party in Georgia in the dark days of Democratic domination. I helped convince him to run for Congress and to win a seat that hadn’t been held by a Republican since Reconstruction.

As we built and implemented the Contract with America, we knew we needed champions to communicate our vision of limited, constitutional government to the American people. We needed people unafraid to shake up the status quo in pursuit of advancing principled, conservative leadership. Jack Kingston rose to the challenge with a relentless zeal for reform and boundless energy to help implement the platform.

That’s why I appointed him to the House Appropriations Committee when I became speaker. I knew he would have the wisdom and skill to cut waste from the federal budget. Kingston has helped lead the charge to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse at every level of government. He’s returned more than $1 million in his own office budget and slashed President Obama’s budget by $3.6 billion in just two years.

This is an extraordinarily important election. We have the opportunity to take back the Senate and force President Obama to acknowledge an alternative for America. We can cast a vision of opportunity and growth against the president’s politics of division and control.

To do it, we’ll need leaders of experience, intelligence and integrity. We’ll need you to get out and vote on July 22. We’ll need Jack Kingston.

-- Newt Gingrich

McClean, Virginia

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