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July 3, 2014 

‘Allow, not require’

Response to Jim Sides criticism of The Telegraph putting the Laura Giddings video made by Stephen McDaniel on its website.

First of all, The Telegraph did not place copies of the video on the front page of the paper where anyone reading would see it. One had to specifically go online to the website to view the video.

No one held a gun to Sides’ head and made him watch the video. He chose to look at the video himself. For him to state, “The kind of mentality it would appeal to seems obvious,” was an absurd statement to make since he must have been talking about himself since he watched the video.

My heart goes out to Laura Giddings and her family, however all newspapers have an obligation to their subscribers to allow the public to view events. The key word here is allow, not require.

-- Delia Chambliss


Coming to America

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, let us set aside a private time to reflect not only our lives but all those who came before and the life of our country. There are reasons why millions dare to dream of coming to America. However, only those whose ancestry date back to the beginning and those who study and learn of the struggles through the pages of time know of the sacrifice and the hardships that war and death brought in fighting for our freedom.

There are sacred reasons why the flag and the Statue of Liberty have served the people so well for so many to have defended our country in battle and protected our shores against all who test our loyalty and pride as a nation. As for me, I am so proud to be an American hereby declaring my love for this country will never die.

-- Faye W. Tanner


Great exposure

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your excellent coverage of our inaugural event the “Middle Georgia Island Festival.” The positive exposure you gave enabled us to showcase the different cultures within the Middle Georgia area. We were able to engage the community with our cultural music, food, dance, dress and games. We are happy to say that the event was a great success. We were well received, and it was a day of great community spirit and pride. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved.

-- Patricia Fagon

Middle Georgia Island Festival


Who’s embarrassing

Frank Gadbois has it all wrong. He is the one who is embarrassing and pathetic in his utter obeisance to the president. If he knows of any sacrifices the president has made, perhaps he could let us know what they are. Try as I might, I can’t think of a single sacrifice President Barack Obama has made, either before he became president or during the time he’s been in office.

-- Bert Peters

Warner Robins

Go home?

Many individuals, both in North and Central America, express the belief that use of birth control is sinful.Now we are told that tens of thousands of children are migrating from Central America to the United States unaccompanied by parents. Violence and lack of adequate food seem to be major causes of this massive movement of children north.

History seems to mock us. We have the Statue of Liberty in New York symbolically giving welcome to the poor and oppressed entering the United States. Meanwhile, our president in Washington is telling poor children crossing our southern border that they must return to Central America.

All this makes us wonder. Refusing to care for these immigrant children would violate our most sacred religious belief of helping the poor. At the same time, the world can only feed so many people. How do we we accommodate individuals who have more children than they can feed?

-- Sam Marshall


Three questions

Responding to naysayers on Monday, Frank Gadbois asks that we stop asking for President Obama’s birth certificate, etc. and accept everything as hunky dory. I will do that, if Gadbois can answer the following:

1. Why has the president spent over $2 million to keep all his personal records, college, travel records and the original copy of his birth certificate secret?

2. How did he get a Connecticut re-issued Social Security number, never having been in Connecticut until his run for president? Social Security does not reissue numbers.

3. What passport did he use to travel to Pakistan when it was illegal for Americans to travel to Pakistan?

-- A.W. Garland Sr.

Warner Robins

Gadbois support

This is to respond to Frank Gadbois’ recent rant about Jack Kingston’s support for the NRA. This was one of the determining factors I used to vote for Kingston and plan to vote for him in the runoff. While I am not a politician, if I was, the thing I would pray for would be for Frank Gadbois to be against me. Thank goodness for the NRA.

-- Samuel M. Smith


Good people

On Saturday, as I was ordering take-out at Burger King. A young man standing next to me said he would pay for it. I was surprised and asked why. The cashier said he was being kind. Since I am a senior citizen I felt that was the reason. I was so impressed with his generosity and felt I wanted to do the same for someone. I don’t get out much so I sent a check to the Salvation Army to do it for me. When the young man’s lunch was called I found out his name was Will. It is so good to know we have such good people.

-- S.C. Powers


Democracy threatened

A writer recently said: “The survival of democracy was never threatened and was not an issue during the American Civil War.” I would think democracy wouldn’t be an issue, because the very survival of a nation was at the forefront. Georgia, alone, sent about 100,000 men and boys to that bloody war, only to see few return home.

The North, backed by President Lincoln, waged, “total war” against the South. This was an unjust war, against not only soldiers, but families, women, homes, farms, livestock and crops. The North was determined to devastate the South and they almost did it. How can one say that democracy wasn’t threatened?

-- Dwight Poole


Big stars

Obama threatened Congress with the power of his phone and pen. Well, what about the fact that the five terrorists he freed also have phones and pens? These terrorists will be a bigger attraction in Taliban land than the Allman Brothers in Macon.

-- Robert Buck



It seems to me with the elections coming up and the corruption in the IRS, the politicians would be screaming to get rid of the IRS in favor of the Fair Tax or some other replacement system. Anyone hear anything from the mouths of the “wannabe” officials? Nope, not a word.

-- Richard Powers

Warner Robins

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