Goulding: Consider an irrigation system for your lawn and garden

July 3, 2014 

If you want a beautiful landscape, you will have to water it. This year, the rain has been fairly regular, but the hot dry months are still to come. Are you ready?

Yes, you can drag around the hose and the sprinkler, or you can install an in-ground sprinkler system, also called an irrigation system.

Irrigation systems can be expensive, but over time they quickly pay for themselves by saving expensive landscape plants and lawns that would otherwise die.

The key to watering is consistency, and that is what irrigation systems provide.

It is very much “set it and forget it.” Like a refrigerator or dryer, an irrigation system should be on the list of your home amenities.

It’s good for home re-sale value, too. Contact me if you need more information.

Here’s more tips for the garden this week:

• As daylilies stop blooming, it is time to divide these plants. Dividing daylilies promotes more blooms next season. Using a shovel, dig up the clump of plants. Using a knife (a steak knife works great), cut the daylily into two to four new clumps. Plant and water.

• It’s time to prune shrub roses such as Knockout. Use a hedge trimmer, and prune to a height of 12- to 18-inches tall.

• Treat fire ant mounds again. Use a bait type control for long lasting results. Treat in the morning. Boric acid powder works well, too.

• Begonia grandis is a perennial (hardy) begonia that looks great in the shade garden. It offers excellent foliage and pink flowers in the middle of summer. Try it, you’ll like it!

• Keep the deer away. It’s time to spray plants with a deer deterrent. Spray in April, June and September.

• Start planning for the fall garden. Go through books and magazines, and make a list of what you like. Consider having a professional design created.

• Have safe and fun July Fourth holiday!

Todd Goulding provides residential landscape design consultations. Contact him online at www.fernvalley.com.

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