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July 2, 2014 

War against women

I am so unbelievably appalled at the decision of the Supreme Court on the issue of Hobby Lobby not wanting to cover its female employees with birth control under its health insurance programs. This is so far reaching against women and something that Hobby Lobby has no right to interfere with. If they do not want women to have birth control options, then the men should not have the choice of having Viagra or some of the drugs that are available to them. This is not something that should have to be debated before the Supreme Court, yet it has happened and once again, women are being slammed. We are the ones who get pregnant and carry the children to term and then care for the child once it has come into the world. We are losing our voice about our lives and our right to say, no more kids or no kids, until we are ready to have children. I am appalled and extremely angry.

-- Cathy Gill

Warner Robins

Reign, rein, rain

Reference the caption under the picture on the front page of The Telegraph on Sunday, June 29 that reads in part “...effort to reign in gun toters.” The following example should help the author determine the proper word to use.

The king’s (reign, rein, rain) was temporarily halted during the (reign, rein, rain) storm as he tried to (reign, rein, rain) in his horse. Strike out the inapplicable word.

The sentence makes no sense, but then neither does the caption. Perhaps someone can develop an app for a context checker. Or, maybe, some critical editing would help.

-- Bert Peters

Warner Robins

Time running out

With one of the most powerful men in Washington being defeated, Rep. Eric Cantor, I can only hope Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., will be following him. The voters (the ones with common sense) know full well that with the newer people we elect, the better our chances are of getting America back from the brink of socialism. Jack, like all of those others in Congress, have too many close ties that require him to do things their way. During his tenure, America has reached all-time lows.

As for David Perdue, he is already rich, so he can spend time eradicating Obamacare and making our educational system move forward. What is most disturbing about the elections is the fact that roughly 70 percent will not vote. The carrot to get most of them to the polls is the fear of losing their benefits. Even then, the same old people get returned to bury us more in debt. Please think before you vote. Time is running out.

-- Joe Hubbard


Time to vote

Early voting in the primary runoff began Monday, June 30. We should all take advantage of early voting opportunities to avoid last minute personal problems and lessen the lines on July 22. Let’s all talk to those we see and encourage them to vote, early if at all possible. Let’s also set a goal to try to set a record in the percentage of registered voters casting votes in the runoff.

The key runoff is between Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., and David Perdue to determine which one will oppose Michelle Nunn in the Nov. 4 General Election. The winner will replace retiring Sen.Saxby Chambliss in the U.S. Senate.

As for me, I will be casting my vote for David Perdue and encourage others to do the same. Kingston’s campaign says that he is the one who can straighten out the mess in Washington. He is part of “the mess in Washington” and has been there for more than 10 years. He could have spoken out during those years. Perdue is well versed on the issues facing our nation, has international business experience and knows the needs of Georgia very well. He will make an excellent senator and public servant.

But, even if you do not agree with me, go to the polling place and let your voice be heard.

-- Tracy McCollister

Warner Robins

Law’s impact overblown

OK folks, this new “guns everywhere” law (HB 60) is of little consequence, no need to panic. The law only applies to legitimate gun owners, including concealed carry permitted individuals. Legitimate gun owners commit very few gun crimes. Those with a permit to conceal weapons commit almost no gun violations. Look it up, you’ll be surprised.

Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws, particularly gun laws as evidenced by the crime beat report nearly every day in The Telegraph.

The reason street thugs in Macon (when not killing each other) fearlessly engage in drive-by shootings, muggings and random violence is they know their innocent victims will likely not be armed. Now with this new law, the uncertainty created by lots of people legally using open/concealed carry as a defense tactic will most certainly deter gun crimes rather than add to them.

The only gun statistic that really counts is how many legal gun owners have committed gun crimes versus how many gun crimes have been discouraged by gun ownership. Not even close.

The criminal side of gun statistics are irrelevant to the passage and enforcement of this law, but do underscore the need to provide for your own self-defense. Happy trails.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

‘Mr. No’

In the early 1960s the low budget James Bond (007) movie “Dr. No” was released. It appears that our local Bibb Board of Education Board member Tom Hudson has become the chameleon he was not during the tenure of Dr. Romain Dallemand when he encouraged/led the gang of “005” voting “yes” to every action of Dallemand, resulting in frittering away millions of tax dollars intended for the education of our public school district children.

Hudson has now apparently changed to become Mr. “No” as the new BOE board and the interim superintendent try to mitigate the mistakes of the Dallemand era and the “005” dominated board as Hudson now apparently so often casts the only no vote.

Just as the James Bond character played by Sean Connery went off into the sunset, one could hope that our now Mr. No’s replacement is not too far into the future.

-- Arthur D. Brook.


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