Brown: Perry chiropractor offers unique wellness program

July 2, 2014 

Have you ever heard it’s never too late to start a workout program? Well it’s never too late to start a wellness program.

It’s past the New Year’s resolution or preparing for the holiday shimmer and glimmer. It’s summer and sunny, the perfect time to start a healthy life change.

During this time there are so many outdoor activities to get a person started, but I found a really interesting program, called “8 Weeks to Wellness.”

It is a nationwide comprehensive wellness program that focuses on nutrition and physical fitness. It addresses the entire person, not just exercise.

8 Weeks to Wellness guarantees weight loss for anyone that joins, participates and accomplishes the individual objectives for identified goals that have been established for the person, along with other benefits, such as decreasing blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The program is ideal for the person who has not been to the gym in years or has hurt themselves and is afraid to get back into the gym.

8 Weeks to Wellness helps to prevent re-injury and introduce someone back to exercise with positive motivation, safe techniques and physical fitness activities.

There is a team of wellness coaches to include three doctors and two physical fitness trainers. Dr. Stacey Carter-Fite, a Perry chiropractor, orders blood work and goes over the results with each participant of the program.

Carter-Fite said they have a successful alumnus, Kenneth Roberts, who has graduated from the program and has lost a total of 77 pounds without medication. Roberts decreased his glucose levels, lost 12 inches off his waist and 8.5 inches from his hips with the help of his personally assigned trainer. He also cut his triglyceride levels in half and his BMI decreased from 39.8 to 28.5.

During the program, his wellness team focused on his nutrition, physical fitness and overall well being.

Carter-Fite said they help their program members to focus on health, not sickness and encompass many fundamental wellness therapies. She said they encourage participants to eat three meals a day and exercise five days a week. The program is housed out of Perry Chiropractic Health Center in Perry.

A program schedule might look like this: The person begins with a total health & fitness assessment, body composition analysis, and a complete blood workup. They weigh in at the beginning and at end of the program, as well as weekly. Nutritional consulting is given and a food log is maintained by the client and reviewed weekly by doctors and trainers.

Chiropractic adjustments and personal training sessions are administered two times weekly and a massage is offered weekly. Waist and hip measurements are taken at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of eight weeks. The program schedule may be different for each participant since it is based on the needs of each unique person in the program to help ensure success.

The program originated out of Pennsylvania by Dr. Dane Donohue, who is a chiropractor, and has increased to over 75 locations nationwide. Carter-Fite said

“Give us eight weeks and we’ll change the rest of your life,” Carter-Fite said.

She said there is more information about 8 Weeks to Wellness on the website,, or call 478-987-9666 to get additional details regarding the program.

Dairlyn Brown is a nurse in Warner Robins.

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