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June 30, 2014 

Tenure strike down

Now that a California judge has ruled teacher “tenure” as being unconstitutional, the door has been opened for colleges to significantly reduce the cost of attending.

-- Robert Buck


The case Vergara v. California only impacts K-12 public schools.

-- Editors


John Brogden’s Tuesday letter to Viewpoints wrongly claiming that our president “claimed in his book ‘Dreams From My Father’ that he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.” Besides his getting the title wrong (“Dreams of My Father”), he also refuses to admit that the president was born in Hawaii.

Birthers like John and so many others only make fools of themselves by denying our president’s birthplace. Even the birth registry office in Hawaii made a huge sign with a copy of his birth certificate on it, proving his birthplace. I wouldn’t give John my Selective Service number or my Social Security number, as they are none of his business.

I am so proud of our president and his service and sacrifices for our nation. Naysayers and hate mongers like John are embarrassing and pathetic.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Changing church beliefs

Dr. Bill Cummings’ column June 15 states the Catholic Church has changed its beliefs on birth control, women priests, gay marriages, divorce, remarriage, etc., wiping away cobwebs of old restrictions in order to keep up with their congregation changing their minds on such matters.

Many other churches also are changing. It was reported June 20 in Detroit that the top legislative body of the Louisville-based Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted by large margins to recognize same-sex marriage as Christian in the church constitution, adding language that marriage can be the union of “two people,” not just “a man and a woman.”

Although Christian churches of all branches continue to change their stance on all kinds of sins, the word of God will hold true through the ages of time. We are all sinners including priests, pastors and those who teach our children through churches of Christian values. However, churches adopt the religious beliefs of their congregations, or they would not exist.

In my opinion, churches have no power over sin. They can only inform their congregation of the sins identified by the word of God in the Holy Bible. Neither churches nor their priests/pastors can forgive one’s sins, nor can they save the children of God or hold true to his promise of everlasting life.

This world is not without sin. However this world can easily be destroyed due to sin, for no man or church can change God’s plans for his creation. I believe, for the sake of moral behavior if nothing else, no government should legalize a sin. However, in doing so, it does not make the sin less sinful.

-- Faye W. Tanner


Give her a chance

We are all “Concerned Citizens of Gordon,” so why are we so divided. It’s shameful that Mayor Whipple-Lue hasn’t been given a fair chance to prove her capabilities. As a long-time resident of Gordon I have witnessed many elected officials take office. Even through my disgust, I have maintained enough dignity to respect our elected officials and our democratic process. The mayor was not in office two weeks before complaints and dissatisfaction was voiced. Even most jobs give you 90 days to show your abilities.

Is race an issue? I sure hope not. If there is nothing to hide, it to will come to pass. We’ve all made mistakes, which is how we learn. Whether you agree or not, the citizens have spoken. Just like the Constitution gives us freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, it also gives each of us the fundamental right to vote. The result of that vote must be respected. We elected her, now let her get down to business. If she makes an error, she will have a chance to correct it. Most importantly, the city charter requires that most major actions be approved by council. So checks and balances are certainly in place. So let’s pray for our mayor. Let her do the job she was elected to do and work with her and not against her.

-- Leslie Y. Johnson


Get it behind us

The video made by Stephen McDaniel prior to his break-in to Lauren Giddings’ apartment is disturbing for several reasons. First, it is disturbing that you would make it public. The kind of mentality it would appeal to seems obvious. It makes one wonder why something so sensational, eerie and prurient would appear in the news at all, especially when the trial is long over and the offender already sent to prison.

While we can’t forget it, we want to, and we need to move on to better matters. Second, it promotes a dysfunctional point of view by actually putting the viewer into the sick mind and eyes of a criminal. I was repelled and frightened, and felt like I was watching a horror movie, realizing what I was seeing was an actual event and only the tip of the iceberg. It was truly chilling. I challenge you to name a single useful purpose this video serves. Can we please put this behind us forever?

-- Jim Sides


Change the name

The Presbyterian fathers have decided to except homosexual or some sex marriages. It grieves me to think that a good church has now surrendered to political correctness. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman, not Jack and Harry.

I think it is time to change the name of marriage. I will call a union between a man and a woman “God’s holy union.” Let the liberals take that if they can.

-- Brian T. Reid Sr.


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