Business 1 on 1 with David Barwick

June 29, 2014 


David Barwick, co-owner of Apparel Authority, is shown last week in the embroidery shop at his business.


David Barwick, co-owner with David Murdock

Apparel Authority LLC, 4268 Interstate Drive, Macon; 800-755-2702;

How long have you been in business?: Barwick and Murdock founded the business in 2010. Both of them had worked at other companies in the same industry about 20 years.

During the down economy “several places went out of business in ‘08 and ‘09,” Barwick said. “We started the business out of the basement in Murdock’s dad’s house. We just had the contacts over the years and knew we could put it together and make it work. It was a modest start, to say the least.”

The company does embroidery on hats, shirts, jackets, screen-printed T-shirts and promotional products.

What do you like best about your job?: Barwick said he liked meeting other people and “just working with the customers and taking time to get to know them.”

What is your specialty?: “It’s our expertise as far as running previous production facilities a lot larger than this. I’m a digitizer, so I can set up the embroidery logos. We come from a long embroidery background ... and we have a full screen-printing operation.”

The company does “a ton of stuff for Mercer” University, and it creates shirts and other items for public and private high schools in the area. “We do a lot of event stuff, like for the Forsythia Festival. ... If you can explain what you want in a shirt to me, we can create a design from that.

“We do business with people as far away as California and New York, and we do some work for a couple of military operations overseas.”

What are your future plans?: “We are looking to expand and have some plans to grow in the near future.”

-- Linda S. Morris

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