How the new gun law affects you

June 29, 2014 

House Bill 60, a comprehensive firearms and weapons bill, passed both chambers of the Georgia Legislature on March 20, and Gov. Nathan Deal signed the measure into law in April. Here’s a look at details of the new gun legislation, which takes effect July 1:


• Local governments can only prohibit firearms or any other weapon in government buildings if the city or county restricts or screens entrance into the government building with security personnel. Security personnel does not necessarily mean a certified law enforcement officer.

• If a city or county does not restrict or screen entrances in the government building, then license holders carrying a weapon will be allowed inside. Non-licensed holders carrying weapons will be prohibited from entering a government building at all times, whether there are security personnel or not.


• Any building that is occupied by the judicial courts and containing rooms in which judicial proceedings are held is off limits for weapons and firearms for license holders and people without a license to carry weapons.

• All full-time and permanent part-time judges and any former judges from anywhere in the state who are qualified to have a weapons carry license will be allowed to carry weapons into the court and government buildings.


• Local governments are prohibited from regulating or restricting the lawful possession of firearms in public housing.


• Local school boards will be allowed to designate authorized personnel to carry weapons within school safety zones, school functions or on a school bus, as long as the personnel have a weapons carry license and undergo some training.

• The school board determines which types of weapons are allowed, and those weapons will be required to be kept on the person or in a locked safe.


• Weapons, including firearms, will be prohibited in places of worship unless the governing body of the place of worship allows carrying of weapons by license holders.

• The law is silent on how the place of worship will notify or whether any notification is necessary to parishioners and local law enforcement that they are allowing weapons into such place of worship.

• Guns will be allowed in bars, unless the property’s owner (or person leasing the building) excludes or ejects the individual after giving them notice to depart.

Source: Georgia Municipal Association

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