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June 28, 2014 


It appears the citizens of Gordon are learning something that has become obvious nationally: Elections have consequences.

The obvious chaos that is going on in Gordon is a consequence of their last election. Thankfully, the problem is local and can be corrected at the next election -- a correction the national electorate failed to make. So the Obama administration continues to lurch from one disaster to the next.

Obama stated there is not a “smidgen” of scandal associated with the IRS. Now we find that email from the six individuals most likely involved in the persecution of conservative groups have now disappeared. Really? Congress’ liberal Democrats are reduced to apologizing to and supporting the IRS even though they must, by now, recognize that something stinks badly. Justifying and supporting the actions of the Obama administration is much like attempting pick up fecal matter by the clean end.

-- W.H. Bedingfield


Opportunity knocks

As we celebrate Independence Day, I am disappointed by the lack of appreciation of the hard work our predecessors endured to make our country what it is today. To quote the famous historian Paul Johnson, “the story of America is one of difficulties being overcome by intelligence and skill, by faith and strength of purpose, by courage and persistence.”

America was built when mostly uninhabited wilderness was transformed into cities. This transformation came with great sufferings, costly failures, huge disappointments, defeats and tragedies. It is disrespectful to corrupt this country with disrespect for our fellow man with the alarming rate of violence.

There are illegal immigrants coming here to escape the problems in their countries. There are people already here as legal citizens that will break laws and go to jail and give up their freedom. They give up the freedom to work, attend school, start a business, or buy a home. This nation is one where you can start with nothing and end up successful with hard work. There are opportunities that should not be taken for granted.

-- Renee Lee


‘Deo Vindice’

On June 11 The Telegraph printed a letter to the editor submitted by me. I appreciate them doing so. However, I am curious as to why the final two words of my original text, “Deo Vindice,” did not make the published version. This is, by no means, the first time letters I have contributed have been altered, occasionally for length, but now a letter will not be accepted if it is more than 250 words, so I know that was not the problem. Perhaps, these two Latin words were considered a foreign language and maybe there is a policy I am unaware of that does not allow such. When I attended high school, most everyone studied Latin, thus, “Deo Vindice” seems no more odd a companion to the English language than “Semper Fidelis” or “E Pluribus Unum.”

“Deo Vindice” was a term commonly used in the South after the War Between the States, meaning “God Will Vindicate.” Now, I am aware that does not sit well with the liberal mind set nor would it be considered politically correct. Therefore, I am not sure if it is the word, “God,” or the opinion that the South would ultimately be judged blameless, right, correct and justified in the actions they took between 1861-1865. Letters to the Editor are individually held opinions and that is what I wrote.

-- John Wayne Dobson


What’s the U.N. up to?

A recent job posting at the United Nations website strongly suggests that the organization is working to get guns out of the hands of American citizens. They are planning to hire personnel to assist in what they call “disarmament, demobilization and reintegration” activities. And the duty station for this “U.N. Peacekeeping Operations department” is New York City.

A few definitions:

DISARMAMENT is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons from combatants and often from the civilian population.

DEMOBILIZATION is the formal and controlled discharge of active combatants from armed forces and groups, including a phase of “reinsertion” which provides short-term assistance to ex-combatants.

INTEGRATION is the process by which ex-combatants acquire civilian status and gain sustainable employment and income. It is a political, social and economic process with an open time frame, primarily taking place in communities at the local level.

For what earthly reason does America need an international force to collect our guns while we still have the Second Amendment? Is it the U.N.’s intention to disarm America in the name of “Peace”?

Hopefully, the Senate will not approve the proposed U.N. Small Arms Treaty that would overrule our Bill of Rights.

-- Hill Kaplan


Real agenda

If President Obama wanted to give health-care coverage to all, I have a simple question: why not cover every American citizen under an expansion of Medicare? Raise the Medicare tax on all individuals especially the top 20 percent of wage earners. Make employer paid health insurance illegal. To control costs, Medicare could tell the doctors, hospitals, drug and care companies, exactly what they were willing to pay and let them take it or leave it.

The reason this was not done is the same reason President Obama’s goal wasn’t to offer health care to every U.S. citizen. The goal was to reward insurance companies and health care companies willing to play into a system that looks like free enterprise but really just burdens the middle class with higher premiums and forces smaller businesses out.

This strategy along with artificially raising the minimum wage crushes smaller businesses while allowing a consolidation of power that the government can more easily legislate control and siphon lobbying money to fill their own pockets. President Obama is no different than Vladimir Putin, just not as obvious.

-- Tanner Shultz


Just the opposite

All of Anthony Smith’s June 26 “Your Say” piece was a bunch of superstitious twaddle, but the first paragraph is a display of mind-boggling ignorance. Obviously, Smith doesn’t realize that by the time the Western Roman Empire fell in 476 CE it had been a Christian empire for over a 150 years. Even long before it became a Christian empire, the Romans were one of the most prudish and conservative societies ever.

The first emperor of Rome, Augustus, almost executed his only child, Julia, for promiscuity, but ended up exiling her to a small island to live out the rest of her life with no men or wine. The same emperor exiled Rome’s most famous poet, Ovid, for writing poems that promoted a carefree attitude toward sex. When Rome was still a republic, Senator Manilius was removed from the Senate for kissing his wife in public.

In fact, the truth is the very opposite of what Smith claims. Edward Gibbon, who devoted most of his life to the study of the decline and fall of Rome, and most historians after him, blame the fall of the Rome on the widespread acceptance of Christianity which plunged Western Civilization into a 1,000 years of ignorance and superstition from which we have still not recovered.

-- Jim Sandefur


Angry rant

The viewpoint on 6/26 “Bring on Biden” is not really a viewpoint but a angry rant from a reader. I suggest you review your guidelines again and publish submissions that are worth our time to read.

-- Linda Bridges


What to do

Does Frank Gadbois really believe the results of a $10 million study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to find the roots of gun violence and how best to prevent it will motivate the Georgia Legislature to repeal or amend the new conceal carry law?

Does Frank think the law abiding citizens of Georgia will get rid of their guns based on the study’s findings? The new gun law was enacted so responsible law abiding citizens can protect themselves, their family and property from harm.

I like many others know what the root causes of gun violence are. I do not have the exact statistics, but I believe they are the following. First, inter-gang warfare for the control of drug distribution. The most notable being drive-by-shootings. Second, armed criminals who shoot innocent bystanders while they are committing a robbery. Some robbers even execute store clerks so there will be no witnesses. Third, deranged individuals who massacre others in the vain hope of achieving immortality or righting a perceived wrong. A small percentage of guns are used in suicides. The weapon of choice depends on the victim. A smaller percentage of guns are used in domestic violence cases. The aggressor does not go out and buy a gun but uses whatever weapon is available. Again, I do not have the exact numbers for these assaults, but the use of a gun is far less than 100 percent.

The only protection a law-abiding citizen has if they are in a convenience store being robbed is the gun they are carrying The only protection a law-abiding citizen has in a movie theater if a deranged individual starts shooting is the gun they are carrying. The only protection students have from demented killers is the gun carried by a qualified individual who is authorized to have a gun.

I am not advocating that Frank has to buy a gun. It is his right not to own a gun.

What does Frank propose to prevent criminals from obtaining guns? Does he believe criminals will obey a law that restricts gun ownership? What does Frank think a law-abiding individual do when confronted by a criminal with a gun? Run? Beg? Pray?

-- Jim Costello


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