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June 27, 2014 

Just saying

A wise old saying is certainly timely in today’s world situation, whether it’s sports, business or war: ”Never send a boy out to do a man’s job.”

-- Dawson Mims


No money left

I just received my electric bill. I would like to thank Obama for his policies that increased my bill by 30 percent over last year. His willingness to run our country into the ground should be considered a blessing by all. After all, terrible Americans have plundered Earth to our benefit, and we should be penalized for such terrible behavior. Next time there is a natural disaster, maybe some other country that hasn’t been as bad can come to the rescue. We won’t be able to because all of our money will have been spent on energy, food and taxes.

Taxes are special, since we pay for so many wonderful things our government does for us. I do not know how I got along before this wonderful man came into my life. Thanks to all of you embarrassed voters who voted for this savior, especially to those who did it twice.

-- Bill Bernat


No reference point

A spokesman from the summer solstice gathering of several atheist groups in Atlanta said that it was one of the purposes of their convention to show that people can basically be good without having to have a belief in a god or the supernatural. However, the word “good” itself is a value statement. And without a moral compass outside himself, the atheist has no reference of what “good” means, and its definition can have as many variations as there are people at his summer party. I hope he had a good time.

-- Dan Topolewski


Citizens decide

Recently, Robert A. Bowen Jr., wrote a letter complaining about lack of funding for local museums. He tried to denigrate the new animal shelter being built with SPLOST money by asking if county government representatives want to be remembered as the “dog pound builders.” I thought it was the taxpayers of Bibb County that decided the animals should have a clean and safe temporary home and not Bowen or government representatives.

It is clear he has an unhealthy dislike for the welfare of Bibb’s stray population and a zeal for local museums. I hope he is giving his time, money and energy to support these institutions, just as numerous humane groups are supporting our animals. Bibb County has proven that they, the citizens, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

-- Judy S. Veal Lawrence


Minimum wage

I am looking at an original 3-cent cola bottle. Yes, that’s right. There are many things that can be related to in a like manner. Once you compare old and current prices, you can see the fallacy of raising the minimum wage being good. All raising minimum wage does is make a larger, more distant, poor class. If your income is zero and the minimum wage goes up, zero stays zero, and prices go up to compensate the new raised minimum wage throughout the whole pay spectrum.

-- Bobby W. Chastain


Standing your ground?

My son and his 19-year-old friend got innocently lost in the woods behind a lake whose name I shall not mention. Some random man came out with a shotgun and threatened to kill both my son and his friend.

He was not in immediate danger, so what gave him the right to threaten two innocent lost people? Honestly, if I knew who he was I would press charges. You cannot take the “stand your ground laws” lightly. Both my son and his friend were unarmed and in no way a threat to him or his family. The man needs to grow up before he takes an innocent life. We don’t need another Trayvon Martin.

-- Christian Harper


Three questions

Why are we led to believe that the U.S has more oil than we have ever had before, and yet the trouble in Iraq is causing oil and gas prices to increase. Seems like the oil companies can raise gas prices when anything happens in other parts of the world. From what I have read in the past, it takes new oil six months to reach the refinery, but as soon as something happens, gas prices start to go up.

Also, why all of a sudden are the American Indians are getting upset at the Washington Redskins? Haven’t they always been called Redskins? And if they get their way, what’s next? Maybe they will be on the Atlanta Braves. I know we lost the Confederate battle emblem on the Georgia state flag. What if the American Indians get offended by the American flag and want to change it? After all, didn’t many Indians die while the flag was flying in battle with the white man?

How can Iran and North Korea close their borders but the strongest country in the world cannot. We are being overrun with Mexico’s kids, and the U.S can’t get one American Marine out of a Mexican jail. Look how weak this country has gotten since we got the new president.

-- Jimmy A. Faircloth


Not the whole story

I read the letter urging the Bibb County Commission to approve funds for indigent care at The Medical Center of Central Georgia, and while the writer is obviously well-intentioned about caring for the poor, he is just as obviously uninformed about the actual state of indigent care finances there. The Medical Center routinely tells others it has incurred indigent care costs of roughly $25 million, a probably accurate figure. What it does not tell others, is that it already receives subsidies for indigent care that, in the past have exceeded those costs by millions of dollars.

In addition, it has 501(c)(3) tax exemptions on sales and property taxes amounting to more millions of dollars. So, yes, taxpayers already subsidize care for the poor through state and federal taxes that pay for subsidies, and through the granting of tax exemptions.

At the commission’s hearing Tuesday night, I heard the CEO of the Medical Center suggest that denying additional funds for indigent care would amount to a “slap in the face.” When the commission has approved so much funding for so many needy projects, many targeted specifically at the poor, it is unfair to accuse them of slapping the poor or anyone else. Rather, it would be a slap at local taxpayers to fund the Medical Center which has not demonstrated need, while denying funds to truly needy groups. I urge the commissioners to get a detailed analysis of indigent care financing to see whether additional funds are justified at the Medical Center before shifting money away from other worthy programs that care for the poor.

-- Richard Elliott


Old doctrines?

Thank you to Travis Middleton (Macon Telegraph, June 23) who corrected the flawed thinking of Bill Cummings’ June 5 column criticizing the Catholic Church. It seems that Cummings columns are often critical of the church’s 2,000 year old doctrines. Personally, I don’t believe the Lord has changed his mind.

-- A. Grier



Eureka! I have found a way to live forever. Forget my annual visits to “The Fountain of Youth” in Saint Augustine. Just be a VA patient. A VA whistleblower in an interview with CNN talked about removing the words dead and deceased from VA medical reports to hide delays in treatment. There you have it. My heirs may not appreciate this as it will delay their inheritance, but I am ecstatic. VA here I come, that is if I can get an appointment.

-- Lou Stennes

Warner Robins

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