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June 25, 2014 

Gun violence research

According to an editorial in The New York Times on June 17 entitled “Legislating ignorance about guns,” our own Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., is against any research by our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out basic information on the roots of gun violence and how best to prevent it.”

In 1996, the NRA lobbied Congress to ban any “federally financed research on gun violence.” After Newtown our president asked Congress to fund $10 million for the CDC to study gun violence. He did the same “in a recent budget proposal to Congress.” Democrats in Congress have “introduced legislation authorizing appropriators to provide funding.”

But Rep. Jack Kingston called the president’s request an effort to “fund propaganda for his gun-grabbing initiatives through the CDC. Rep. Kingston, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat now held by Saxby Chambliss and against David Perdue, should not be elected to the Senate. He obviously cares more for the NRA and its campaign contributions than the safety of our citizens. Shame on him.

-- Frank W. Gadbois

Warner Robins

Disgruntled speeder

I have a few questions for the Warner Robins Police Department. Why do they feel the need to sit at the appropriate places and try to catch the working people who pay their salaries for speeding? Why not instead try to catch all the ignorant, unemployed, living off welfare, addicted to drugs lowlifes, that have brought more crime to our town? They choose to instead, meet whatever quotas they have for the month and take more money from the ones who work hard every day to try and make a living without being on any assistance.

It seems to me if they concentrated harder on stopping the crime of theft before it happens by keeping idiots off the streets and less time trying to trap someone who only wants to earn a decent living, then our town might have a chance at not becoming the next Macon.

If police officers want to keep their jobs of “protecting and serving” in this bountiful town, then they might want to think of befriending Robins Air Force Base employees instead of targeting them. They are the ones who will ultimately decide the fate of our dear base and major employer, unless of course they always dreamed of being the sheriff of a ghost town.

-- Nicky Bruno

Warner Robins

‘Forever’ stamps?

This past week, while checking out at a local merchant I noticed a small sign by the cash register. This sign indicated that beginning January 2015 there will be .03 cents added to the Forever postage stamp. I may not be the brightest candle on the cake, but I thought the definition of “forever” was something like never-ending.

Will this new definition require changes where the term “Forever” is used i.e., in marriage vows, The Lord’s Prayer, etc.? I think I will stay with the term “forever” as I know it, forever.

-- William J. Quednow

Warner Robins

Editor’s note: The price of future Forever stamps will increase, but the Forever stamps you have already bought will be honored.

Iraq questions

Why did the situation in Iraq deteriorate so quickly? We spent years and trillions of dollars to train and equip the Iraqi military. Do we have a responsibility to keep al-Maliki in power?

Under what conditions would we support him? Was the reason the Shiite controlled military did not fight was because al-Maliki’s government is corrupt? How did a few thousand Sunni fighters drive thousands of Shiite soldiers out of eastern Iraq?

Because of the poor performance of the Iraqi military, Shiite clerics are arming young Shiites to defend Baghdad. What support is Iran offering the al-Maliki government? Are there Iranian troops in Iraq? Will Iranian troops be used to attack the Sunni fighters? Will the Kurds support the Sunni fighters? Will the Sunni fighters give the Kurds part of the territory they have captured?

What can our government do? The vast majority of Americans do not want our troops to return to Iraq to support al-Maliki and his Shiite controlled government. Do we continue to train and equip the Shiite military so they can defeat the Sunni fighters? Do we send advisers to support the Iraq military or bomb the Sunni controlled cities?

One thing is essential, we have to assist our allies in the region to bolster their defenses against radicals. We have to work with our allies to stop the civil war in Syria. We have to work with our allies to stop the war in Lebanon. After the current conflict is resolved, we will have to work with the government that is in power to ensure the Kurds are safe.

I acknowledge there are a lot of questions. I hope our government considers every one of them before they choose a course of action and the potential consequences. Our government must act quickly to get the surface-to-air missiles the Sunni fighters have captured from the Iraqi military. We cannot let them get into the hands of terrorists.

-- Jim Costello


Send them to California

Since Nancy Pelosi is so hot on immigration change for all to benefit, I suggest that Texas and Arizona governments send Every illegal immigrant to the city of Sacramento and let them handle them.

-- Frank Steel


Rounding error?

I got a chuckle after reading Bill Saffold’s letter in which he criticized the Viewpoints editors for knowingly printing erroneous information.

He mentioned that as of 2011 blacks surpassed whites on welfare rolls by 31.8 percent to 31.7 percent and that we should be concerned where the other 40 percent is going. His figures add up to 103.5 percent. Must be some of that “new math” in action.

-- William D. Carter


First Man?

Sadly, we may have a woman president next term. This begs the question: What do we call her spouse?

In this case, First Ladies Man could be appropriate. As time passes, we could have a same sex marriage in the White House. How would we address that fiasco?

-- Edmund Nash



Americans, are we slaves? Do we realize that we consent to politicians using the IRS as their weapon to silence us, control our spending, while legally taking our wealth?

Why isn’t there a sea-to-shining-sea battle cry against the tyranny of politicians able to silence millions of Americans with the power of IRS, punishing opposition while skirting the law and remaining unaccountable?

The existence of the IRS is a freedom issue. Repeal the 16th Amendment. Pass the FairTax HR25 which defunds and disbands the IRS.

As long as the IRS exists, politicians will pretend outrage at situations such as what we now face, but they will also continue using the IRS to silence opposition while reaping huge financial and political gains via lobbyist and loopholes.

-- Beverly A. Martin

Fulton, Mo.

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