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June 24, 2014 

Shining a light

David Oedel again shines a light on spoken and unspoken issues our city faces. Among the spoken: an Atlanta marketing firm was hired and paid good money to research and find; Macon has a troubled educational system; a problem with out-migration; and a surge in poverty and crime. A few community leaders having breakfast at Waffle House could have done the same.

A possible unspoken issue (except by Oedel), Cliffard Whitby is a Tri-chairman of a new committee formed to seize on opportunities and move our community forward.

Yes, Whitby is great at seizing opportunities. Cliffard and former school Superintendent Romain Dallemand conducted some recent business. Dallemand has fled the county, while Whitby is apparently still well respected and appointed to help lead this new initiative.

This new committee sounds a lot like something tried before, and the old saying goes: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results.

I suggest Oedel’s future columns be closely read by the committee and community. It’s a sure bet he will recommend new actions and visions. Let’s try something new this time.

Oedel will, at the very least, be likely to report on recommendations involving expensive initiatives with respected community leaders who have a spotty track record on spending community funds wisely.

-- William Smith


Gender confused

Remember not too long ago when we heard that California decided to have “gender-neutral” bathrooms? Now we hear that New York City used to have a law that, if you were gender-confused (I refuse to use the fantasy term “trans”), and had surgery to confirm the confusion, you could change the gender on your birth certificate. But their uber-left collectivist mayor has decided that it’s too mean not to let you change your birth certificate, sans surgery, if you just “feel” like being a girl that day, even if you’re not.

Just like boys being able to waltz into the girls locker room in the land of fruits and nuts, if they also, “feel” like a girl that day.

I think maybe we should have all birth certificates transferred to Etch A Sketch now. I’m changing mine to indicate my gender as a “meat popsicle.” I’m not sure what my wife, the motorcycle, will feel about it, but I know we’d love to be in a parade celebrating the announcement, if someone wanted to put one on.

-- Michael Kilpatrick


Young men’s retreat

We must get outside of the box to end youth violence, the vic-ki Foundation, a 501c3 charity is trying to do just that. The foundation was established to address youth violence in Middle Georgia and will hold its second annual Unity Retreat Saturday, June 28 at Camp John Hope in Fort Valley.

The retreat will consist of young men from Macon, Fort Valley, Warner Robins, Montezuma, Oglethorpe, Perry, Reynolds, Jeffersonville and Marshallville. The young men will participate in the G.O.L.D Program an FFA/FCCLA sponsored event which instills unity, builds trust, improve communication, confidence, leadership, cooperation and plants a seed of friendship with young men from other cities by working together as teams, not rivals.

This will be a full day, including lecturers (former inmates, a young man who had it all but blew his chance and others) and a banquet. This activity is designed to help reduce future violent tendencies young men may harbor or develop toward one another, especially those from other cities.

Young men between the ages of 13 to 16, hopefully, will take away from the retreat a brotherhood and it’s open to the public regardless of race, creed or color

-- Charles McGhee

Warner Robins


Alfred J. Graham’s letter to Viewpoints, June 16, aptly titled “Get rid of Republicans” just begs an answer, so I’ll bite. Graham is a regular critic of Republicans/conservatives and anyone else who doesn’t agree with him politically. That’s fine, free country. Like most liberals, Graham has difficulty making a coherent argument, especially in this case. He just “believes” what he believes, and so should we, I guess.

Graham hilariously claimed that Sen. Saxby Chambliss is so dishonest he should not be allowed to even comment on President Obama’s policies. As a low-information voter/Democrat, Graham probably doesn’t know that Obama won the “Liar of the year” from the liberal website, Politifact, for his “You can keep your insurance/doctor/hospital under Obamacare” mega lie.

Graham further compounds this foolishness by accusing Sen. Chambliss of a “residency” issue between Macon and Moultrie. That is a hoot, to claim Chambliss lied about his residency when Obama has more gaps in his resume and background than a South American drug cartel boss.

Considering no one has even seen Obama’s selective service registration or his Social Security number (reportedly assigned to a dead person from Connecticut-a place Obama never lived), plus, according to the liner note bio in his book, “Dreams of my Father” Obama claimed for over nine years that he was “Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.”

How’s that for a residency issue, Mr. Graham? Sen. Chambliss is a paragon of virtue compared in any way to the one we have been waiting for, now comfortably ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

God help us for the next two and a half years.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

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